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Harry Potter Back to Hogwarts Challenge

Posted by lovely-broken , 19 May 2017 · 45 views

(for my reference)






house: I'm gonna say Slytherin. which is unusual for me. if it fills up, Hufflepuff or really anything is fine.
GW: 165
CW: 187.6
intake goals: 1000 cals max
exercise goals: 10,000 steps a day (I hate actually going to the gym)
favourite character: Snape, for sure. But Luna, Tonks and Lupin are favorites, too!
favourite class: transfiguration
trivia: "Expecto Patronum" means "I wait for a patron" or "I wait for a guardian" in Latin.


When is it?
This challenge runs from May 19th- September 1st, 2017 (the end of the HP novels and the start of the new Hogwarts school year)


How does it work?
Running on a pretty standard points system of:


Daily Points
Intake goal: +1
Fast: +2
30 minutes of exercise: +1
60 minutes of exercise: +2
8 glasses of water: +1


Weekly Points
Gained 1-2 lbs: -2
Gained 3+ lbs: -5
Maintain: -1 (unless maintenance is the goal, then +0)
1-2 lbs lost: +2
3-5 lbs lost: +4
5+ lbs lost: +5


Friday May 19, day one: 2 pts (met intake goals, drank 8 glasses water)
Sat May 20, day two: 0 pts (binged)
Sun May 21, day three: 0 pts (ate way too much again, but not quite a binge)
Mon May 22, day four: 1 pt (met intake goal)Tues
Tues May 23, day five: 2 pts (met intake goal: 972/1000 and drank 64 oz water)

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