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MPA is a site dedicated to the support or recovery of those suffering from eating disorders or body dysmorphic disorders. Please be sensitive to this fact when creating an account and contributing to the board.

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66.1 am i stuck in this loop or what?

Posted by lightinme , 24 May 2017 · 66 views

breakfast 1: 2 cups of green tea
breakfast 2: coffee with cream, 4 dry apricots, centrum (vitamin), 4 pecans 
how am i feeling? dissapointing. we went out for a friend's birthday last night, to this very beautiful fancy italian restaurant. I ordered salad.. allthough it's hard for me to call this a salad: aragula with cherry tomatos. No dressing. Not...


66.2 weight gain. what else to expect after a weekend

Posted by lightinme , 23 May 2017 · 39 views

surprisingly, i didn't gain that much.. it could have been worse.
i was eating non stop yesterday. binge mode turned on, and i ate anything and everything without any control. well, ok, i did have a little bit of control: i tried to eat only
healthy foods, like yogurt, berries, eggs, mushrooms.. but i had absolutely no control to stop. i kept eating and...


65.6 OMG finally it moved! minus 400 grams

Posted by lightinme , 19 May 2017 · 50 views

What did I eat yesterday to cause this?
- coffee with cream (no sugar)
- caramel rice cake with peanut butter
- handful of peacans
- apple, banana, peach
- lots of green tea
- another peach in the evening
- lots of water
- a few grapes total calories yesterday: approx. 700 
3 days on keto-diet didn't do anything much.. or at least I didn't feel...


66.0kg >> maybe I can make it to 65.8 tomorrow?

Posted by lightinme , 16 May 2017 · 51 views

As I brushed my teeth last night before going to bed, my guy approached me and put his hands on my hips. He said "I am starting to feel your bones" this complement was sweeter than anything. I melted in a smile. It's what I want: bones to be visible, for people to feel it when I give them a hug.  Second day on protein. ate 6 eggs already (it's almost...


66.1 starting my chicken/egg mono

Posted by lightinme , 15 May 2017 · 55 views

going to add green tea and cucumbers in the mix with this.. no salt, no spices, no oils or fats.. just chicken breasts (boiled), eggs, and cucumbers.. no coffee, no sugar, no milk.. only green tea and water
duration: 1 month


66.5 - day 1 - liquid fast

Posted by lightinme , 28 April 2017 · 80 views

Starting a new 7 day diet Day 1: only liquids Day 2: Vegetables, preferably cabbage Day 3: only liquids Day 4: Fruits Day 5: Proteins (eggs, chicken, yogurts) Day 6: only liquids Day 7:
Breakfast: 2 eggs
Snack: a fruit
Lunch: soup
Snack: a fruit
Dinner: salad  All i want it to reach 60...


66.7 - i got to quit my addictions and pull myself together

Posted by lightinme , 26 April 2017 · 60 views

I want to talk about addictions for a bit. First thing that comes to mind: cigarettes, drugs, alcohol, weed (allthough i think it is the less addictive substance)
But no one really thinks about sugar as an addictive substance (well, someone probably does, but in general), coffee - another addictive substance we are faced with every day. As I write this, I...


65.9 - weightloss of 0.3kg

Posted by lightinme , 13 April 2017 · 90 views

Honestly, I expected a better weightloss. But I almost reached what I had achieved on the Nymph. Minus the desire of eat anything i see. I am craving diet coke or an energy drink. I think I will go shopping for make up at lunch time, I am running low on it, and it's been almost 2 years since I bought myself anything (well, no, I am lying, a year) I f...


66.2 weightoss of 0.5kg

Posted by lightinme , 12 April 2017 · 38 views

Current state: high restricting (budget: 900 calories)
Overall feeling: normal Breakfast (236 calories) 2 coffees with milk
2 teaspoons of peanut butter
2 plain rice cakes
1 sugar free chocolate pudding 
Lunch (280 cal)
1 egg
2 instant oatmeals
1L of diet coke Remaining calories: ~ 420


66.7 - loss of 0.5

Posted by lightinme , 11 April 2017 · 47 views

Passover began. I cooked dinner, and sat with my family to eat a little bit. I wasn't hungry. i drank my glass of wine, and was perfectly happy. I did get a comment from my fiance about my drinking. I have been drinking on daily basis lately. Not to the point of getting drunk, but a glass or two of wine in the evening is now standard. I am hurting inside,...

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