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65.6 OMG finally it moved! minus 400 grams

Posted by lightinme , 19 May 2017 · 50 views

What did I eat yesterday to cause this?
- coffee with cream (no sugar)
- caramel rice cake with peanut butter
- handful of peacans
- apple, banana, peach
- lots of green tea
- another peach in the evening
- lots of water
- a few grapes


total calories yesterday: approx. 700


3 days on keto-diet didn't do anything much.. or at least I didn't feel anything happening. I can't look at eggs, cheese or meat in general now.
today i started cottage/cheese and kefir diet. I have a diet addiction, and food addiction, and just in general addicting personality.


my dress fitting is in few days. Last time i put it on, i couldn't zip it. cause I am a fat ass.. sorry, correction, my ass is actually ok looking, my back is fat, I have a fat back.. if my back was slim, i could have zipped the dress no problem. I don't want it altered. I don't want anyone to touch my dress. It's my dress, it's a pretty dress, and I must make myself fit into it.


green tea
black coffee
cottage cheese


daily calorie budget: 900 cals


wish me luck. 27 days to go

good luck hun :)

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best of luck

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