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Sunflowermoon's Accountability Blog


Half-effort oatmeal mono

Posted by sunflowermoon , 27 April 2017 · 38 views

I kind of did an oatmeal mono today. I added stuff to the oatmeal then had some dried fruit tonight so it wasn't a legit mono, but pretty close. I'm not sure if I'll lose tomorrow because I feel a bit bloated, plus some people have gone up on the scale doing an oatmeal mono. I've been drinking water so hopefully it helps, although 2 servings of oatmeal is...


More school & less mpa

Posted by sunflowermoon , 24 April 2017 · 39 views

I'm taking a break from MPA for a while. At least until the semester ends in 2-3 weeks. I get too distracted when I log on and I had a really bad night a few nights ago and ultimately decided to try to focus on my mental health. One of the big ways to help that is to not be on MPA, which I hate, but you gotta do what you gotta do. I already am doing a lit...


4/19/2017 Salad mishap

Posted by sunflowermoon , 19 April 2017 · 40 views

Me & a friend tried the unicorn frappuccino today. I got it with almond milk. It was pretty good and for a frappuccino, pretty refreshing. I liked the sour blue drizzle too. After starbucks, we went to a salad place. Mine had figs, apple, pear, goat cheese, and pumpkin seeds on it, which I ate all the fruit but didn't really touch the pumpkin seeds as...


Lots of blackberries

Posted by sunflowermoon , 18 April 2017 · 49 views

Today was day 2 of the HSG diet and it's been pretty decent. I got some coconut water probiotic to try, two tubs of super good blackberries on sale (I already ate one because fruit :wub: ), and I also got a box of mac & cheese called "mac & bees" and the pasta is shaped like plants, bees, and butterflies lol. I almost went running today, but somet...


Starting a new diet today

Posted by sunflowermoon , 17 April 2017 · 46 views

I'm starting the HSG diet today & I want to try really hard to not go over cals at all or absolute max is to be within like 50 cal of it. A couple weeks ago in the midst of some hardcore procrastination, I made an excel sheet that takes into account my intake, my cals burned based on my fitbit, daily net cals, and predicts how much I should lose and t...



Posted by sunflowermoon , 15 April 2017 · 47 views

Today's been meh. I did get to run today, but I went over on cals. Still under my TDEE so I shouldn't be that disgusted with myself, and yet. I'm now bloated af and I really hope it goes down because I bought a really cute shirt to wear tomorrow. I gained from yesterday, even though it's probably not fat, it still went up and I had expected to lose even a...



Posted by sunflowermoon , 14 April 2017 · 68 views

Today's been pretty decent. I'm going to my mom's tomorrow to stay the night for Easter on Sunday. I'm not sure what I'll be eating, but hopefully it's not too much junk or anything that will make me bloated and gross feeling. I'm making this oreo cream cheese pudding thing where you put peeps and candy eggs and grass on top for decoration. It's kind of c...


Steeped my senna too long but I'm not wasting tea

Posted by sunflowermoon , 13 April 2017 · 67 views

I made some senna tea (laci le beau's cinnamon super dieter's tea which has more mg of senna than smooth moves btw) and I accidentally let it steep for like 35 minutes with a cover "to ensure maximum goodness" rather than the 10-15 I usually do. No idea if this will make a difference, but man, I drank that whole mug because I don't have classes on Friday,...



Posted by sunflowermoon , 13 April 2017 · 40 views

I broke a 24 hour fast at 21 hours today, mainly because I planned to run a few hours after and wanted to have energy, but it ended up pouring rain & hasn't stopped so that didn't happen. But regardless, today's been a decent day. I even planned a lemon blueberry cupcake I got at a bakery yesterday into my intake which I can't wait to have. I want to...



Posted by sunflowermoon , 12 April 2017 · 27 views

Prepare for ramblings: Today's been kind of a bad day, although I'm not particularly in a bad mood now. I slept 3 hours last night and had a test today that I don't think I failed, but I didn't do very well on. I really wanted straight A's this semester but that exam was 30% of my grade so I might not end up with an A. When I got home to get lunch with J,...



Posted by sunflowermoon , 10 April 2017 · 27 views

I'm surprised I've only gone up like a pound and a half after eating so much all weekend. I also haven't had an legit bm in a 3 days or so, so maybe once I do, I'll drop a couple lb or something. Today's been pretty decent. So far I'm still within my intake, but I have this horrible habit of snacking when I'm studying so hopefully I don't eat anything els...


First race today

Posted by sunflowermoon , 09 April 2017 · 39 views

I hate being over my limit of 1000 cal and in the past week, I've only been under it once. I think I'm going to start listing the foods I ate outside of my planned intake as maybe a reinforcement not to eat everything. I hope to restrict better this week to help compensate for the past week and I know I'll have a high cal meal on Easter with my family. I...


Day of the pancakes

Posted by sunflowermoon , 08 April 2017 · 36 views

I didn't post last night. My weigh in was down a pound, but my intake ended up being 1220, I ran which burned 175 cal, & today I'm up a pound, which has to be food/water weight but still lol. But at least it's a pound and not like 4 pounds. I went on a walk today at the lake and explored some of their hiking trails. It was beautiful weather. This...


Midnight diet plan ponderings

Posted by sunflowermoon , 07 April 2017 · 45 views

I'm thinking of trying the HSGD. I've never done any of those types of diets before and the lowest cal day is 800 so it's doable. It's roughly my goal intake anyway, but structured with variance and I feel like if I were to follow a plan, I'd be less likely to go over my cal limit for the day. I did some Excel magic and if I stick with exactly those calor...



Posted by sunflowermoon , 06 April 2017 · 38 views

Today was okay. I drank a ton of green tea yesterday & I peed a ton so I think I lost a lot of water weight because I dropped like 2.5 lb without a BM and had a dehydration headache this morning lol. I had a high cal day today though, but I did use the bathroom & I don't really feel bloated so hopefully the gain tomorrow isn't more than like a pou...


Good day for running & intake

Posted by sunflowermoon , 05 April 2017 · 43 views

I signed up for my first 5k today. It's this Sunday and I know I'll be nervous, but it's at my school so it's more of a fun thing, so I'm going to do it just for the experience and try not to beat myself up if I end up taking a walking break or several. I ran 5k today and finished in a little under 34 minutes, and I had several walking breaks towards the...



Posted by sunflowermoon , 04 April 2017 · 33 views

I think I've been doing better mentally even though my body image hasn't improved, and even though I love spending time on this site, I've got to limit myself so I can try to remain more positive and really focus on school, especially since there's only a month left and I've got soooo much stuff to do. So I won't be posting as much so this accountability...


Thoughts on school & focusing + new oatmeal flavor

Posted by sunflowermoon , 30 March 2017 · 46 views

I'm trying really hard to start focusing more on school and on improving on running and eating pretty healthy. I'm at a point where I really need to focus on my classes & research and try to ignore the fixation on calories, food, etc. It is mentally draining though, just wanting to focus on school and failing to do so. It's mostly anxiety keeping me f...


Tummy troubles & weird weigh-ins

Posted by sunflowermoon , 29 March 2017 · 46 views

I've been having stomach issues lately and I cannot wait for it to settle. I had a lot of fiber today because I haven't had a decent BM since last Friday, just little ones, and I've been drinking lots of water, started taking a probiotic again, etc. But today it's just been uncomfortable. I really don't want to take any sort of laxative, even natural ones...


Late night ramblings

Posted by sunflowermoon , 28 March 2017 · 37 views

One of my best friends used to have an eating disorder that she kept secret. I believe it was bulimia and I honestly thought it was in middle school but she mentioned it today and implied that it was in high school, maybe it was both. But she always would make assumptions about people and say she thought they had an eating disorder, "I think so-in-so has...

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