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Rant about bf & sweets

Posted by sunflowermoon , 25 March 2017 · 42 views

I just need to rant about this. I bought these carrot cake sandwich cookies with cream cheese frosting. They are probably one of my favorite desserts ever, but each one is 170 cal. I already had one today and I was allowing myself one tonight when me & my bf get high. He obviously knows about the cookies because we discussed them and he saw them. He w...



Posted by sunflowermoon , 25 March 2017 · 28 views

So last night I tried not to eat after dinner, but me & J had some edibles and I ended up eating some peach rings & peanut butter. Total cals yesterday was around 1250 cal yesterday, which isn't that bad I guess, just not what I planned (I was under 800 before that :/ ) & I probably would have weighed in less had I not had them. Today I ran an...


Finally broke my plateau

Posted by sunflowermoon , 24 March 2017 · 50 views

I finally lost. I was 123 on Sunday have been stuck in the 121.whatever range since Monday, but after water fasting during the day then having a light (but super filling) dinner last night, I'm finally back down to 119.4. Every time I lose, I always eat too much and gain, so I'm posting my planned intake for the day to help hold me accountable because I h...


Made butternut squash soup tonight :)

Posted by sunflowermoon , 23 March 2017 · 32 views

I liquid fasted until dinner and had soup and some bread so I realllly hope I lose tomorrow. I weighed myself this afternoon and I was still at 121.2 so I hadn't lost anything even though I'd been peeing a ton. :/ I want to start skipping breakfast & lunch once or twice a week to help lose extra water weight and hopefully some actual weight too. The s...


Dandelion tea & Mexican chocolate oats

Posted by sunflowermoon , 22 March 2017 · 40 views

Today hasn't been too bad even though I gained & wasn't as productive school-wise because I took a 3 hour nap in the late afternoon. I went to the store and got veggies and ingredients to make butternut squash soup tomorrow. I also got some cucumber avocado sushi for lunch which was only 300 cal for the whole thing. I also picked up some dandelion roo...


Mediocre day

Posted by sunflowermoon , 21 March 2017 · 34 views

Kind of binged today, not technically a binge I guess but a lot of foods I did not want to eat and I'm over my limit by over 250. I think me wanting to eat everything is made worse when I work on my thesis work that makes me super anxious, like I've done the last couple days. I went to run and I had a bad stitch that usually goes away after a few minutes,...


Finally got a food scale

Posted by sunflowermoon , 20 March 2017 · 32 views

I got a food scale today and I'm so excited that I can finally properly measure fruit & veggie calories. To christen it, I weighed out all the components of the salad I had for dinner. I've been too busy with school today & have work to get done tonight so I'm not going to workout, but tomorrow evening I'm going running. Yesterday's weigh in:...



Posted by sunflowermoon , 19 March 2017 · 33 views

I gained. Again. It's really fantastic to be up 5.5 lb since Thursday, but I'm determined to get back down to at least 118 by the end of this week because I know a good portion of this has to be waste weight. I kind of ate a lot today but it's mostly been lower cal foods so I'm still within my limit. I hiked around for a couple hours this afternoon, got a...


Gaining weight & growing plants

Posted by sunflowermoon , 18 March 2017 · 45 views

Omfg I gained again and I know it's mostly food and probably water weight from being dehydrated a couple days ago. I was 117.6 two days ago and now I'm up 5 pounds? I've never had a jump in my weight so quickly when I've been eating pretty normally. I feel like I'm somewhat in a bingey state or starting to get into one. I'm hoping it's just because I'm on...


Mango rum & high cals

Posted by sunflowermoon , 17 March 2017 · 32 views

Last night I had some mexican food and some sherbert and apaprently it was enough to justify a 2.4 pound gain. So that's fun. I ran today which didn't feel awesome although I ran all the running intervals. And today I've been a little bingey and I haven't consume that many cals, but I'm drinking which obviously is going to add up cals and I am probably go...


Back from camping

Posted by sunflowermoon , 16 March 2017 · 48 views

I'm back from camping and I'm down to 117.6 lb. Saturday I weighed in at 118.4 (was a new lw) so I'm pretty pleased, especially since I had high cal days over the weekend and that isn't even my morning weight which is usually lower. I tried to guesstimate calories as best as I could while I was camping since I couldn't prepare the food at dinner, and my i...


New LW followed by burgers & pizza & sweets, oh my.

Posted by sunflowermoon , 12 March 2017 · 56 views

Yesterday I reached a new LW of 118.4. Naturally I ruined it by having high cal days both yesterday (1500) & today (1800, keep in mind my TDEE when I run is only 1800 so theoretically, no I should not gain, but unfortunately bodies are more complicated than that and food weight + bloat takes a while to get past). Yesterday my fiance's father visited a...


Bought store-brand thin mints today

Posted by sunflowermoon , 10 March 2017 · 35 views

Today was a pretty good day. I am going to go over slightly on my cals, but I ran so hopefully it will be okay. I have leftovers from my dinner, but I know I'll finish it later (cals logged below are for the full dinner). Last night I signed up for a virtual Earth Day 5k that is right after I'm supposed to finish the c25k program, which is really cool sin...


New low weight today :D

Posted by sunflowermoon , 10 March 2017 · 47 views

I weighed in at 119.0 this morning! 0.4 lower than my last lowest, but hey, it's still lower. I was mostly surprised because my intake yesterday was over 1300. Today was pretty good, I was somewhat productive and I feel like I'm finally getting out of this rut of not wanting to do school work. It's like I'm finding a balance of being productive (tbh my pe...


The morning of the warm sausage biscuits

Posted by sunflowermoon , 08 March 2017 · 51 views

Today was a good day for getting schoolwork done and a kind of bad day for my intake. It never fails. Any time I weigh in low, i.e. under 120, I always go over on my cal limit. Partly mental on my end, partly coincidental because it usually involves my fiance providing food. Yesterday's weigh in: 120.0
Today's weigh in: 119.6 2 sausage biscuits...


Chamomile mango tea & dark chocolate chips

Posted by sunflowermoon , 07 March 2017 · 44 views

Blog title is inspired by what I'm consuming right now because today was uneventful, but pretty good. I got an exam back that, with a bonus essay question I did, I made a 101. It bugs me when I only get a good grade because of the bonus, but I can't complain I guess. I got green coffee bean extract today, and I've taken just 200 mg and I swear it has to b...



Posted by sunflowermoon , 06 March 2017 · 54 views

Had senna tea last night and things finally got moving again this morning. I'm trying to be good with school this week and also make time to exercise. I think tonight once I finish things at school, I'm going to bike 10 miles which I haven't done in a couple weeks. Tomorrow afternoon I'm going to go run my last run of week 3 of the c25k. Today was pretty...



Posted by sunflowermoon , 05 March 2017 · 63 views

I didn't get a chance to post last night, but yesterday was a decent day. *tmi* Yesterday I had a lot of fiber-rich foods, veggies, fruit, and tried to drink enough fluids, and today I've had fiber and a coffee because I haven't had a decent BM in a few days. I may end up having some lax tea before bed if there's still no avail. Last week I didn't eat fib...


Day of the new pancake recipe & new tea

Posted by sunflowermoon , 03 March 2017 · 81 views

Today's been okay. I didn't feel particularly productive school-wise, but mentally I'm feeling pretty good. I made healthy (i.e. nutritious) pancakes this morning that were amazing (I'll post recipe below), and instead of making a blueberry compote for it, I really craved peanut butter so decided to eat peanut butter with pancake syrup and enjoy it, and I...


Planning to start c25k

Posted by sunflowermoon , 02 March 2017 · 54 views

Today was okay even though I gained almost 2 lb on the scale this morning, which I realize is probably food/water weight but it's still unpleasant to see. Yesterday's lunch was probably not worth it. Today I had a coupon for this srirarcha pineapple chicken flatbread at this smoothie place and I decided to try it and it was exceptional and huge so I think...

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