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Posted by sunflowermoon , 22 June 2017 · 26 views

Ugh, today was okay. I sort of attacked some food this evening, and overall my intake (I added up my cals because I had to know) was around 1350. I've been writing basically nonstop since Tuesday night for my thesis research (except the last 5 hours + few hours of sleep each night) so I'm anxious and stressed and while I have eaten extra due to that, it h...



Posted by sunflowermoon , 21 June 2017 · 21 views

This sounds silly, but so far I actually really like not counting calories. I feel much healthier in my mindset even though it's only the second day. I still mentally add up what I've had throughout the day but I don't really keep that number memorized, and it's not a physical number staring at my face. It's much more relieving and I'm trying to just list...


6/20/2017 first day not counting calories

Posted by sunflowermoon , 20 June 2017 · 33 views

I didn't lose at all from yesterday. I was surprised because I had oatmeal at breakfast and the rest of the day I only had fruit, and I drank around 100 oz of water & mint tea (also had a lot of water the previous day so it shouldn't have been my body freaking out because it was well-hydrated). I was still 0.1 lb below my dietbet goal weight this morn...



Posted by sunflowermoon , 19 June 2017 · 35 views

Today has been pretty good. I ate one of my favorite breakfasts (pb oats) & I didn't get hungry for like 8 hours, I went to work where I actually had a job to do *hallelujah*, then I just had a fruit for dinner & a snack, I'm drinking a ton of water & will probably make a big mug of mint tea because tomorrow is weigh-in day for the dietbet, an...


6/18/2017 Day of the Eggs

Posted by sunflowermoon , 18 June 2017 · 34 views

I did an almost mono today. Had eggs with cholula for every meal but I also had some fruit and a vanilla chai almond milk latte lol. I'm also drinking a bunch of water and herbal tea until bed. I have no idea on the chai latte calories, but I just picked one that seemed reasonable on mfp, and I didn't weigh out the components of the fruit salad as last ti...



Posted by sunflowermoon , 17 June 2017 · 35 views

I was back down to my LW this morning! I weighed 117, then I went on a run, and weighed 116 after. Today was good and tomorrow I'm doing an egg (and pepper + cholula) mono. I thought having a little hot sauce might help with metabolism or something, plus it's near 0 cal. I might make my 115 goal by Tuesday. Tomorrow night I'm making a big fruit salad and...



Posted by sunflowermoon , 16 June 2017 · 21 views

My fruit & veggie day and a 5 mile run yesterday helped me drop 2.8 lb of water weight but I slept terribly last night from it. I weighed 116.8 this morning though. I'm hoping to get to 115 by Tuesday, even 115.2 or something super close will make me happy. Today wasn't a great day but not that terrible. I didn't really count calories because practica...


6/15/2017 almost a fruit & veggie day

Posted by sunflowermoon , 15 June 2017 · 31 views

Today has been pretty good. I ran 5 miles this morning at a 11'05" pace, which was the farthest I've ever run so far. I had a smoothie for breakfast while I did a little yoga (Yoga With Adriene on youtube is my new discovery), was way more productive on my thesis stuff than usual, had a salad for dinner and only fruit & a coffee as snacks. I was still...


6/14/2017 Stuck in a bingey phase

Posted by sunflowermoon , 14 June 2017 · 48 views

I keep binging this week and I'm so frustrated with myself for it. I'm bloated and uncomfortable. I'm usually not eating like 2000+ calories so many people wouldn't consider it a binge, but I have no self control and just constantly crave food. I know I have restrictive then binge cycles but mentally I want so badly to be easily restricting. I didn't exer...



Posted by sunflowermoon , 13 June 2017 · 30 views

I messed up today. I think I'm going to go run to burn some calories. I bought three types of candy at the store today and I ate the entire share bag of caramel m&m's that I'd planned to last 2 days, so that was 380 calories, and I also took several bites of J's macaroni salad and two bites of his chili cheese hot dog, in addition to the food I'd alre...



Posted by sunflowermoon , 12 June 2017 · 13 views

Today's been pretty decent except I binged last night on saltine crackers & chocolate in addition to the sausage biscuits I'd already had so I was up 2.6 pounds this morning. I ran 3 miles tonight and I ended up with what I guess is considered runner's trots and it flushed a lot out of me. I had already drank a bottle of water with an electrolyte tab...


6/11/2017 reached new lw

Posted by sunflowermoon , 11 June 2017 · 44 views

I haven't felt well today, very tired and I've been laying in bed a lot but I haven't been able to sleep. I had a high cal day which I guess is okay as I allow myself one on the weekend, but since I was tired I didn't do any exercise so I basically ate at my tdee and I hope I don't gain much tomorrow because I reached a new lw today & I'm 1 lb away fr...



Posted by sunflowermoon , 09 June 2017 · 15 views

I had my weekly weigh in and I didn't lose this week, I'm up 0.6 lb which I know is probably just fluctuations but it's still annoying. I'm trying hard to make it through this weekend without overeating. I've got a few meals planned that I think will help keep me from binging. It's weird how weight loss works because I was well under my tdee every day exc...



Posted by sunflowermoon , 07 June 2017 · 25 views

Today's been pretty good. I ran 4.5 miles this morning and was within my intake. I went to work and he didn't really have anything for me to do so I did a quick job which took 30 minutes then read on a paper for a class. I'm not sure how I'm going to get in 20 hours a week when he runs out of things for me to do every day, but oh well. This afternoon I we...



Posted by sunflowermoon , 06 June 2017 · 41 views

I woke up at 5:30 this morning to go run and I was weirdly alert, I even woke up as soon as the first alarm went off which never happens. I got up to pee and just sat there for like 5 minutes and decided I'd rather sleep and run tomorrow morning, then I overslept 30 minutes because my second set of alarms didn't wake me. Today was okay, went over my limit...


Day of the sabotaging burger

Posted by sunflowermoon , 05 June 2017 · 42 views

I really need to start coming up with blog titles again so that's an attempt. But anyway, today was okayish. It started out good, I had some oatmeal (also I discovered 1/4 cup quick oats + 1 tbsp ground flaxseed + 3/4 cup water makes a ton of oatmeal) with an apple for breakfast, planned blueberries for a midday snack, then dinner was planned for me &...



Posted by sunflowermoon , 04 June 2017 · 40 views

Today was supposed to be a good day because we went to the zoo = lots of walking, and if I hadn't eaten everything it would have been great. Instead I ended up just below my tdee so I'm trying to not freak out like I know I probably won't gain real weight and I continue restricting tomorrow & will bounce back by the end of the week. I'm annoyed becaus...


6/3/2017 new lw

Posted by sunflowermoon , 03 June 2017 · 43 views

Posting this early as I don't think I'll get a chance to post tonight. I ran 3 miles this morning then walked another mile or so. I was aiming for 4.5 but the humidity was so gross that it was difficult to run. It was like breathing in water and running through a cloud. My leg feels a lot better, it didn't give me any issues at all during my run and I str...



Posted by sunflowermoon , 02 June 2017 · 35 views

Today was alright, I didn't do any exercise as I was extremely tired all day then I stood at work for like 6 hours which made my back hurt. I haven't had to stand that long since I quit working retail 2 years ago and I'm not used to it anymore. I took a nap when I got home so I've been extra lazy and my fitbit says I've only burned like 1400 calories so f...



Posted by sunflowermoon , 01 June 2017 · 23 views

Today was a good day. I ran this morning then I went to the school & was productive and the work I did involved me not sitting for nearly 6 hours and so I got over 15,000 steps in and I've burned over 2000 calories so far (tdee is usually 1500-1900). I also stayed within my limit, drank a lot of green tea, and I sneaked a weigh-in tonight and I'm at a...

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