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3-25-17 better.

Posted by CSmith94 , 25 March 2017 · 26 views

CW: 126.0 BMI: 23.0 Total Lost: 11.8lbs
Cals: 425 Today was definitely a lot better than yesterday. Got to clean the house, relax, and we BBQ'd today. TMI: finally got laid! Lol so that was nice. The grilled shrimp I had were absolutely delicious and surprisingly filling. But 12 shrimp, 140 cals, and 26g of protein it was a total score on my macros h...


3-24-17 just be happy.

Posted by CSmith94 , 24 March 2017 · 33 views

CW: 126.2 BMI: 23.1 Total Lost: 11.6lbs
Cals: 455 My new job is going fantastically. Home, on the other hand, sucks... my husband has been so aggravated in general and has an attitude with everything I think because he unhappy about my weight loss as he's clearly stated.. he treats me very differently now and wants to argue a lot.. it just upsets me...


3-23-17 this again...

Posted by CSmith94 , 23 March 2017 · 35 views

CW: 127.4 BMI 23.3 Total Lost: 10.4lbs
Cals: 460 So I lied to my husband about my weight today. He thinks I'm trying to lose enough weight for him to not be attracted to me anymore...? Because he says he doesn't like the way I look now. He also asked about the laxatives in the drawer in our kitchen. I just told him the truth that if I don't take them...


3-22-17 Ready for the weekend.

Posted by CSmith94 , 22 March 2017 · 35 views

CW: 128.2 BMI 23.4 Total Lost: 9.6lbs
Cals: 450 So with my last job being so slow I got to leave early a lot and now I'm back to my usual of working till 5 and it's it's definitely something to get used to again lol I got spoiled being able to leave between 1-3 all the time. 3.2lbs to my first goal weight due on the 31st. Getting nervous but I think...


3-21-17 stupid shit... literally.

Posted by CSmith94 , 21 March 2017 · 43 views

CW: 129.2 BMI 23.6 Gained .8 from yesterday...
Cals: 440 So even with laxatives to help move things I'm still only pooping ever other day at best and it screws with my weight so much! I'll lose a pound, not poop, gain half a pound, finally poop, lose a pound.. terrible cycle of mind fuckery via the bathroom scale and my bowels. I really wanna get a s...


3-20-17 new job!

Posted by CSmith94 , 20 March 2017 · 35 views

CW: 128.4 BMI 23.5 Total Lost: 9.4lbs
Cals: 450 Started my new job today and my first day was really good. Super laid back place with good people. It's also busy enough to keep me really distracted through out the day to be able to not focus on my weight and food so much. Now that I'm home I get to relax with my family and watch The Walking Dead (:


3-19-17 pretty good day!

Posted by CSmith94 , 19 March 2017 · 27 views

CW: 130.0 BMI 23.8 Gained .4 from yesterday...
Cals: 450 So I gained from yesterday. The only bad part of my day... almost positive it's water retention from not drinking any water yesterday, so I think tomorrow I should lose quite a bit. We went to Denny's and I got the veggie skillet (340) and it was delicious! I split it in half and ate the rest f...


3-18-17 weak....

Posted by CSmith94 , 18 March 2017 · 27 views

CW: 129.6 BMI 23.7 Total Lost: 8.2lbs
Cals: 500 Didn't feel very good today. Had a small breakfast, over did it for lunch, and left myself with not much for dinner. I made the mistake of eating a 140 cal fiber bar for lunch that was not filling at all and left me hangry for dinner... I ate a salad with 2 hard boiled eggs which has me full now, but it...


3-17-17 Laid back.

Posted by CSmith94 , 17 March 2017 · 44 views

CW: 130.4 BMI 23.9 Total Lost: 7.4lbs
Cals: 420 So today was pretty laid back. I have a 3 day weekend till I start my new job on Monday. Super cleaned the house and hung out with the kids all day. My husband has been very nice to me today considering how things were yesterday, so that's really good. I always find it easier to cope with things when th...


3-16-17 overall bad day..

Posted by CSmith94 , 17 March 2017 · 39 views

CW: 130.6 BMI 23.9 Total lost: 7.2lbs
Cals: 460 So I did lose from the previous day after finally pooping (thank you chocolate laxatives!) you were delicious in my oatmeal.. the 16th was my last day at my job before going to my new one on Monday. One of the worst days I've had there and it's a super easy job. We had to have our shop doors open all da...

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