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Posted by Thornapple , 20 March 2017 · 49 views

Monday 104 lbs


Today was pretty tiring. I spent yesterday afternoon on MPA after a particularly brutal week of classes. I don't think this one will be any different. I have been awake since 1 AM finishing my assignments and am in desperate need of a nap before I attempt to do any studying... Perhaps that is why my weight skyrocketed to 104 from ~102 overnight? I know I didn't overeat enough to gain 2 lbs. On the upside, I wasn't hungry at all today!


I am kind of concerned about a competition I'm attending this weekend, since it requires me to be away from home most of the day. We will be having lunch there, too. It'll be hard counting calories and restricting at such a social event. That's three days - I do not want to fall back into my cycle of wanting to eat everything!


1204 kcal + 8 kcal exercise = ~1196 kcal total


My goal right now is to get down from last week's average of ~1700 kcal to 1200 and less. My mother kept bringing high cal meals when we had a day out (Wed-Thur). Soon enough, I was craving food all the time (Fri-Sun)! I decided that I couldn't take it anymore. Yesterday, I joined MPA and cracked down on restriction again. That was 1438 kcal total. As you can see, I did a lot better today!


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Breakfast 254 kcal

  • Beef tendon (230) Reheated from eating out. I hate wasting food!
  • Raw green bell pepper (25)

Lunch 211 kcal

I eat lunch at school. Usually, it's just an apple but I am bringing a bit more so that my friends don't get suspicious.
  • Beef tendon (136) Again, but now it's finished!
  • Cooked Brown/White Rice (75)

Dinner 738 kcal

This is when I get the hangriest. I was so sad when my mother told me that she brought me leftovers from afternoon tea! I should be happy, but...if I was, I wouldn't be on MPA! I admit I almost cried looking at all the food I "had" to eat.
  • Corn on the Cob (71)
  • Sweet Potato (162)
  • 3 Sesame Rice Balls (236)
  • Portuguese Egg Tarts (114)
  • Shrimp Dim Sum (118) This was a dangerous one. I almost ate all of it and went over the 1200 limit, but reminded myself that I don't have to! Me 1, Human Waste Disposal 0.
  • Chinese Snow Pea Sprouts (36)
I know... In hindsight, I ate too much and have a strange lack of fear foods. It didn't feel like that much at the time, and I was really focused at eating as much as possible so the food would not go "to waste". I wasn't even hungry!
I did get through all the pastries and I managed to stop myself with the rest. I overestimated on the sesame balls (bit half off one and tossed it out). Did you know that a 45 g sesame ball is only 80 calories? They are crispy, chewy and sweet. Something that helps is packing tomorrow's lunch with today's leftovers! If you are reading, try and guess what I prepared. I measured everything and put it in a microwavable container for a quick grab tomorrow morning. :D


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I'm going to take a cold shower (time to burn some cals in thermoregulation!), brush my teeth and rest before I tackle HW. I feel totally satisfied. Water and tea is all I'm having tonight!


Until next time,



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