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Posted by Gia.B , 22 June 2017 · 17 views

Okay so it's 9 am and I've already binged which is awful. I'm pretty sure it's my period, it always makes me crave sweet things. Or maybe I'm just pregnant I don't know, my period is like 2 weeks late and I've been having a lot of nausea. I've been pregnant in the past and I can recognise the symptoms, I'm just hoping it's a late period. Anyway, I didn't...



Posted by Gia.B , 20 June 2017 · 38 views

I don't know what happened.. I was 62 and then weighed myself a week later and I'm 65? Wtf.. I'm hoping it's just water or food weight but even after I starve for a full day and go to the toilet the weight is still the same. I can't help but feel like I've gained weight, my body just feels bigger to me even though everyone keeps saying I lost weight, I ju...



Posted by Gia.B , 16 June 2017 · 33 views

Okay I just binged after writing my previous entry... omfg. I'm up to 900 cals today which is so shit, yesterday I ate 700 and the day before I binged and ate 1100. This whole week has just been binges I don't know how I haven't gained yet. I'm an emotional eater and I was feeling shitty about the situation with my boyfriend so I ate. I need to get my shi...



Posted by Gia.B , 16 June 2017 · 22 views

I've lost a total of 10 kg so far, which is amazing for me since I never thought I'd actually be able to do it. I ate a bowl of pasta today, about 500 cals. I only eat once a day now so it's alright. My boyfriend pissed me off today, made plans with me and blew me off last minute to go out drinking with his friend. So I did something shitty and decided to...



Posted by Gia.B , 09 June 2017 · 29 views

I got super high tonight, managed to starve all day but then the munchies hit around midnight and I couldn't control myself, thankfully the binge wasn't so bad. I ate about 1000 calories, I know that's a lot for one sitting but it's all I ate for today. One high calorie day isn't a bad thing either, at least now my body knows I'm not starving to death. Ug...



Posted by Gia.B , 06 June 2017 · 53 views

I overheard my mom talking to my stepdad, she was talking about how I've lost a lot of weight! That's fucking amazing omg... My mom sees me everyday and she notices the difference, even I can't notice a difference yet! 10 kg is a lot on a scale but not a lot on the body apparently, because in my eyes I still look exactly the same. Oh well, I'm sure it'll...


'Binge' Day 3/6/17

Posted by Gia.B , 02 June 2017 · 41 views

So today was my high cal day, or binge day, whatever you want to call it. I ate around 600-700 calories for the past two and a half weeks, so today I ate 1200 just to let my body know I'm not starving and avoid a plateau. I find that whenever my weight loss starts to stall from restricting, a jump in calories helps to push that extra kg off. So tomorrow I...



Posted by Gia.B , 25 May 2017 · 60 views

The weight is slowly falling off, it will take a long time of course but at least it's happening (my weight wasn't budging before). My family is realising that I'm not eating again, I'm fat though so they're not that worried, they just keep reminding me to eat and saying I'm not being healthy etc... I found a good eating schedule that works for me, helps...



Posted by Gia.B , 21 May 2017 · 54 views

Lost a kg this week, I'm so happy! I was stuck losing and gaining the same 5 kg and I finally broke out of it. I've never gone below 67 kg, 66.5 kg at the least. Now I've finally made it to 65! If I keep this up I'll reach my goal weight by August or September. It's not what I've hoped for, but it's good. I wanted to reach my goal weight by July (my birth...


Will I ever reach my UGW?

Posted by Gia.B , 16 May 2017 · 80 views

I lose and gain the same weight over and over, absolutely no progress at all. If I don't gain back the few kg's I lost, then my weight loss just stops and I don't lose anything. It's like my body has a 5 kg limit, and won't lose any weight after that. It's fucking pissing me off. I tried everything, I thought I've probably been under estimating my calorie...

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