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Posted by Robbie_Rotten , 21 April 2017 · 61 views


Want to join my May challenge? All it takes is a desire to have nicer looking feet.


What inspired this challenge:
I had a yoga class on Wednesday night with a really cool Indian guy who was very into alignment and just an amazing instructor overall because he really focused on progressing the body into the pose more than some hyper spiritual approach. Anyway, he helped me several times align myself properly in poses, and I thanked him kindly at the end of class. Before I left, he asked me with a lot of hesitation and politeness if I have problems with dry feet. Embarrassed a little I said yes and that I think it is because I am barefoot a lot. He told me that is part of it, but having dry feet is not only hurting my yoga practice, but also the health of my feet and rest of my body. He was an extremely kind older guy and recommended to me that I really start putting a lot of energy into healing my feet with the benefits of actually having better balance as a result in my poses as I would not be standing in ways that were more comfortable on a callous or the like and instead standing truly flat and have better balance.


What the challenge entails:
The challenge is simple, and really everyone should be able to do this. It just requires a lot of dedication to your feet for ONE MONTH.
Here are the rules:


1- Soak your feet ONCE daily in warm water and whatever you feel like that day. (lemon juice, milk, oils, conditioner, etc...)


2- Use a pumice stone on your feet once daily, and really do a good job. Be gentle, but take about 3-5 minutes per foot really focusing on icky spots.


3- This is the hard one - keep your feet covered and moisturized. Here is the break down for foot wear:
In your home- Wear socks over moisturizer of your choice. Change socks and add moisturizer as desired, at least twice a day.
Tennis shoes- Wear socks and light lotion on feet. Put powder in shoes to protect feet from gross sweat and stink.
Sandals/open feet shoes- Don't. Take a month off and really treat your feet right.
ballet flats- wear the socks meant for these with VERY light lotion on feet and use powder in shoes to protect feet from grossness.


4- Let your feet breathe for 1 hour a day, but this hour needs to be an hour you are NOT outside or when your feet would be exposed to chemicals etc.


5- When you shower, do not worry about scouring your feet again. Just wash as normal with a soapy washcloth and clean them, and re-moisturize when you get out. The goal is to really just keep them clean and hydrated. :)


6- Nails; this month really focus on letting your nails get back to a healthy state. This means if you have nail polish of any kind on them, take it off. Only use a nail file as needed and keep nails straight tipped, not curved or the like. Use petroleum jelly all over your toe nails to promote their health as well. Clean with a nail brush or old clean toothbrush daily to help them stay clean.


7- Tips and Tricks
Cracks- If you have cracks in your heals or skin, fill them with petroleum jelly every time you moisturize your feet to help them heal. If they are VERY sensitive, fill them with an antibiotic cream to ensure any infection is taken care of.
Warts- If you have corns, warts, or anything of the like, treat daily with a salisylic (sp?) acid in the morning, and at night use a RAZOR to gently remove just the top layer on the wart/corn and it will help it die quickly, keeping it exposed to the chemicals. You can also use clear nail polish on the wart to help suffocate it. Just remember to throw away anything you use on the wart once your wart is gone to prevent spreading it, or use q-tips to keep things sanitary.
Work- If you have a job, it is just as important to take care of your feet on your shift. Make a small foot care bag for your month commitment. Put in a package of baby wipes, a travel size lotion and petroleum jelly, and a travel size baby powder and spare socks. On your breaks you can clean your feet and give them a new coat of moisturizer, clean socks, and use the powder to help your shoes dry and kill bacteria. I of course recommend using gold bond powder, but baby powder is fine too as it helps dry out the extra moisture.
Extreme Callous Care- Buy a sugar or salt scrub and a spoon shaped foot scrubber. Put some of the scrub in the spoon of the scrubber and scrub the hell out of your callouses. Do this daily if necessary, but it will absolutely help remove them, but it is a rough process can make your feet sensitive, so I suggest doing this at night so that afterwards you can put up your feet in some moisturizer and socks and sleep to allow them to recover from the beating.


8- This should be fairly obvious, but keep off your feet when the opportunity arises. It will give your feet a chance to not be subject to the pressure of your body during this time of healing.


9- Drink plenty of water and take your vitamins. Be sure to get plenty of collagen and vitamin C as this will help your skin on your feet, and keep your probiotics up as well if you fear any kind of infection or have warts or corns as probiotics can help your body fight these off.


10- This is the most important one - actually STICK to this. It gets hard and feels tedious, but come June when you have beautiful feet, you will not care how much work this took because you will have gorgeous healthy feet that will be easy to maintain with just moisturized socks at night and gently scrubbing when you shower. Do this now and thank yourself for years to come.


To sign up for the challenge, Simply copy/paste this:


Do you agree to 30 days of extreme foot care?:
Key issues: (dryness, cracking, mangled toenails, etc.)
Before picture: (totally optional)


After this, you only need to post once a day to say that you did your soak, pumice scrub, and moisturizer at least once.


Think about this for a minute - you literally walk on your feet all day everyday and your feet also are the foundation you balance on. Isn't just one month of extreme repair and healing worth it? Especially with Summer around the corner?


Please sign up and lets get HAPPY FEET :D





I found this and think it might be a good self care plan for MAY as I prepare my feet for ballet. Like all this plus a foot stretching routine. :)

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