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When does i love you become enough?

Posted by me-myself-ana , 19 May 2017 · 36 views

If you really loved me you wouldn't make me feel like a failure at my own game. You wouldn't be the one handing me the knife and kissing my fingers as I pull the trigger. If you really loved me you'd understand.
There is a war going on inside of me and I'm scared I've already been killed


The monster in me

Posted by me-myself-ana , 11 May 2017 · 58 views

It's midnight and I can't fall asleep
It's 1am and I can't stay asleep
It's 230am and I'm obsessing over body checks
It's 330am is that a hip bone I feel?
It's 515am and I am now awake for the day...
I've become terrified by this person inside me. What am I capable of? I need to stop but I don't want to stop. I don't want the recovery but I want to be oka...



Posted by me-myself-ana , 10 May 2017 · 72 views

I wasn't myself for weeks and nobody noticed.
I stopped eating
I was more happy in public
I slept more
I slept less
I stopped wearing makeup but still had hints of black around my eyes
I was crying for help
Nobody listened
I haven't been myself for weeks
And nobody has noticed


How to tell that it's getting bad again

Posted by me-myself-ana , 09 May 2017 · 70 views

-I sleep to much or not at all

-I eat too much or too little

-I sound disinterested in everything

-Be spaced out a lot 

-I will ramble a lot or not talk at all

-I lose track of time

-I make cynical comments, usually about myself

-I push people away

-I tend to rub my eyes and head a lot

-I avoid eye contact

-I am always shakey

-I will avoid cert...


A piece of gum

Posted by me-myself-ana , 08 May 2017 · 81 views

How many calories in a piece of orbit gum?
Don't eat. Swallow this pill. DONT EAT.
This suppresses your appetite let it work.
Brush your teeth - Distract.
Does toothpaste has calories?
Oh god is this making me gain? Water DRINK water.
Your stomach isn't growling is applauding you.
It's working.
My appetite is gone.
How many calories in a piece of orbi...

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