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Clementine mono

Posted by hipstergirl:) , 26 February 2014 · 193 views

Today I am going to do a clementine mono :). I was reading a lot on this and I think that healthy food will produce more results than things like chocolate and ice cream. Plus I doubt that Im going to get a head ace from this. I also plan to drink 2 liters of water, not that I really need to because clementines have a lot of water in them. But I just want to today because I didn't drink enough water yesterday. Which makes no sense because I was sick.... oh well I ate a lot of soup which probably caused a lot of water retention.

I will post the results and how much I lost here tomorrow morning. I hope that this works. I hope that I do lose. The chocolate mono made me lose. I lost 1.4 lbs on that but I am expecting to lose more on this diet. A girl on this site did a mono with tangerines and lost 3.3 lbs or 1.5 kg in one day. I might do this diet for two days if I really like the results that I see tomorrow.

The day after I finish this mono I am going to do one with dates.... I don't like them but they are filling and will probably give me bm's and cause me to lose weight so I guess that its worth it. Personally I feel like Im eating a cockroach... well not really. Im sorry if I have ruined dates for anyone.

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