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Hi there

Posted by Weight_Of_Living 🎋 in Weight of Living ⚫️ 生きていることは思い。, 23 June 2017 · 7 views

Hi there Soooo basically I'm just going to have this blog to post about various stuff related to my weight loss (or more like weight loss struggles lol). I'll try to post about different diets I'm doing and results, etc. If you want to read it that would be cool! :) Thanks!



Posted by sunflowermoon in Sunflowermoon's Accountability Blog, 23 June 2017 · 16 views

Another meh day. I wasn't as productive with my schoolwork as I wanted or needed to be (or at all for that matter). I finished up my 20 hours at work for the week, then was really craving peanut butter on warm bread and instead of fighting it & getting worse I decided to try to address it, so I went home to have that which I regret but whatever, then...


Water Fast Accountability || Day One

Posted by lavender_panniers in Vive la Révolution, 23 June 2017 · 16 views

I've decided, against my better judgement, to water fast until the first of July. I ate at 7pm today, so I'm just going to start the fast at 8pm.  Stats-
Weight: 192 (after eating and drinking 2L of water)
Goal Weight by the end: 185  Hopefully all turns out well and I'm successful in this. I water fast for only four days before and I...


lets do this xx

Posted by Skinny.wanna.be in Skinny.wanna.be's way through , 23 June 2017 · 10 views

summer has started. I could not reach my goal... I'm 116.8, 5'6 and fat af. my coaches got my back. Gotta reach them goal. I am going to sleep through breakfast, take a walk during lunch, then tea for a afternoon snack, hide 1/2 dinner, lettuce and or cucumber for a late night snack and we are done! I am gonna read wintergirls to trigger myself and watch...


Vegan Healthy Restriction

Posted by luckytobeyou in luckytobeyou's Blog, 23 June 2017 · 25 views

No Cheese, Diary or Meat at all.

Mostly fruits, vegetables and starches.

800-1200 Max.

Starting out: Fast at least 1 day a week. (more when I weight stalls)

Gym everyday possible or workouts at home one hour.

Squats daily, build up how much I can do.

Don't eat or bring food to social events or just eat small portion at restaurant nothing r...


23/06 Intake

Posted by JoniBones in JoniBones' Blog, 23 June 2017 · 20 views

Weight 147.2  Breakfast
Linda McCartney sausage plait - 204
Cocoa locks - 32
Espresso - 1
Total - 237  Lunch
Alpro vanilla - 138
Bread - 268
Free from red leicester - 128
Sriracha - 5
Total - 538  Dinner
Udon noodles - 133
Katsu - 30
Total - 163  Intake - 938
Exercise - 0
Total - 938



Posted by Fed_Up in Fed_Up's Blog, 23 June 2017 · 17 views

All I want is a relationship but I have so much baggage with nothing good to compensate. 
Ugly, boring, stupid, fat loser destined to die alone. :(


Starting all german fresh

Posted by WhatCorn in Sammy's jolly messed up life, 23 June 2017 · 24 views

My lifestyle has gone pretty apeshit during the last few months. I have taken back quite a lot of weight, and I can't say I'm very stable. If I resume, I had to leave France for Germany for an internship three weeks ago, for a total time of five months. But I didn't have a house when I arrived, so I had to live at a shitty Airbnb for the first week....


plateaus and cake

Posted by 猫 松 in 猫松のブログ, 23 June 2017 · 24 views

Despite the fact that i've been (intermittent?) fasting for most of the month (having nothing more than 70 calories every few nights from coconut water, a yogurt here and there (70), and about 280 calories from a salad, yogurt, and protein drink the other day, all burned off), walking every night, i'm still at 99.2-99.8lbs, and my TDEE is about 1,735....


Very Long Time, No See

Posted by InsaneHippie in InsaneHippie's Insane Thoughts, 23 June 2017 · 27 views

Haven't been making blog post, because I don't like sharing my thoughts when nobody really cares. But I need an outlet. So I'm in the process of getting myself off a binge. Doing good so fair. Spent 5 days barely eating and no internet. Today I had leftover chinese food and 4 slices of pizza, but this weekend I'm not eating. Last time I weighted myself I...



Posted by korawho in korawho, 23 June 2017 · 19 views

I started fasting last night around 9pm, and today it is currently 2:38pm and all i've had is a cup of tea. I'm proud of myself for going this far, I've been at a plateau for around two days and I'm scared it will continue so I figured fasting for as long as I can is the best option. I also re-invented my tumblr back to an ED recovery blog because I got m...


Please let me start losing again

Posted by Velveteenbunny in inside the bell jar , 23 June 2017 · 54 views

Please let me start losing again 152.4,today. Did my usual routine and walked my dogs twice. It called for rain today, so I was pleasantly surprised when it was sunny. I was so glad I could my dogs. An okay food day. I'm broke right now. The willpower comes from being too poor to buy binge food. At 2 today, I was craving sugary sweets pretty badly. I ate 2 yogurts and a fruit cup. That m...


barely made it

Posted by SeeMySkeleton in SeeMySkeleton's Blog, 23 June 2017 · 33 views

woke up in the morning, hit a couple bowls and sticked to my yoghurts but decided to go binge again after what I told myself I wanted to keep steady but nope I attacked cereal boxes, chip bangs , fruits and potatoes what do u guys say to yourself when u try to avoid this binging I have under control


So far, so bad...

Posted by FatChickaaa in FatChickaaa's Diary, 23 June 2017 · 19 views

If by "recovering" they meant a free binge pass, I aced on this shit. I started off so well a few months ago, for about a week or two. Since then I fell into fast cycles, lead by binging. Currently I'm stuck in the worse one; the one that makes me feel like total crap with no self respect or control.  
It's partly my fear and anxiety playing up, I ex...


I Just Really Want Some Cherries

Posted by StarvingGoth in FakingPerfection's Blog, 23 June 2017 · 35 views

But I can't have any because I'm fasting until Sunday. But I got stoned with my roommate and he kept talking about making a blizzard at work (he works at dq), with cherries, Graham cracker base (like a cookie butter type thing or some shit. So good), and whipped cream. And I'm totally feeling that lol. I'm not even hungry right now. The pot makes me feel...


Day 5: 110/100

Posted by cat_wrangler in The ABC's of Summer, 23 June 2017 · 8 views

So the limit for Friday is 100, I have gone slightly over at just around 110. Not TERRIBLE but not great by any means.
I want to binge on the little pack of black liquorice I bought because I had some pretty shitty customers at work today. I know that logically binging will help nothing, if not make things worse, and aside from Wednesday I've been doing...



Posted by LOVETHIS in Selfharm, ED, Borderline, Ghosts and Motivation, 23 June 2017 · 37 views

Fasting So, right now I'm on 2 days and 23 hours.
Today started easy, I was even at the shop, and I could control myself.
But it got problematic in the evening, I didn't feel like food, but I was really nauseous even writing this, I feel like fainting.  I'm on a water-fast but I cheat a bit, I eat cough drops because I'm sick.
I really hope that it become...


23 June 2017

Posted by MissSassyLady in Just Another Accountability Blog, 23 June 2017 · 17 views

Starting Weight: 181.6
Last Weight: 178.8
Current Weight: 176.6  It's been exactly 1 day since I started this blog and so far I have dropped 2.2 lbs. I'm not going to make any claims and say I'll keep it off or I'll weigh less tomorrow because FISH (Fuck it shit happens). So I'll just say that I'm really happy that my weigh has gone down so much o...


just to myself (again)

Posted by mybelovedhate in little letters, 23 June 2017 · 18 views

I think because I didn't take my wellbutrin yesterday that I feel sad today, or it's just that he leaves in a week. Treatment will work, I just need to see my therapist, and that isn't til the 18th. He will help me, so I have to remember there is hope and help, so if I write it down, then I will remember. Lynn, there's help on the way. And hope, too....

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