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How to stop crying?

Posted by dddddd in Venting Diary, 24 May 2017 · 27 views

I want to cry fully but I keep crying in bursts in public places
I have to keep rushing in the bathroom or holding it back
Im scared I am going to burst
Ive had to cut my hand in order to just let something out
I dont want to cut myself, but it is the only thing I can do from falling apart
I cant fall apart at the moment
There is too much at stake
I am so...


Day 1

Posted by Wishing_For_Bones in Summer of skinny, 24 May 2017 · 14 views

Today marks my start of summer :wub: I have been binging hard af...hopefully the thought of returning back to school lovely will help me


Good morning.

Posted by AmateurTaciturn in Thinking Thin, 24 May 2017 · 15 views

It's freezing...
I don't know who thought stone chairs were a good idea but that person is a fool. I skipped breakfast, not much of an accomplishment, but I'll take what I can get. Hoping to fast for the whole day, which should be a breeze if I stay dedicated I guess.


to the boy who's heart wasn't in it

Posted by Seeking0 in Nooneslistening, 24 May 2017 · 46 views

Dear Andy,  Tonight, it's cold and I'm missing you more than I thought was possible. There isn't anything special about tonight it's just I miss you and I keep looking at my phone wishing you'd text or call but as I'm sitting there waiting for you, your out there with someone else who's prettier, smarter and more interesting than I could ever be so...


Just Realized How Much I Would Miss This Site!

Posted by ScarletCarson in Strength, Freedom, Beauty , 23 May 2017 · 24 views

I don't know if it was just me, or if others had trouble with logging on tonight. It seems like such a simple thing, just a website, but without it, it seems like all my hard work is useless. I have no one I can really talk to about dieting and exercising, without completely annoying them. Plus there are so few people I know that are truly committed. I ha...


Trying to be okay with weight restoring

Posted by frogchic in frogchic's Blog, 23 May 2017 · 29 views

I'm still weight restoring..my ED hates it but I have no other choice. I can't live with restriction anymore.


Doing so good!

Posted by spoopannah in spoopannah's accountability, 23 May 2017 · 26 views

I've realized my old binging habits came from boredom, and I've found how to stop them :) always having diet coke on hand while im at home. it gives me something to "eat", something to taste, and something to be occupied with. 
576 cals so far at 7:44pm, hoping not to have anymore



Posted by 404.find.me in 404.find.me, 23 May 2017 · 37 views

GOAL WEIGHT 1 REACHED! WOOHOOOO! I kept on stepping and off the scale but it was 42! I wasn't even nekkd so I don't know how much my clothes weigh. :rolleyes: I highly recommend an intermittent fast with restricted calories! I've lost a kilo in two days! This is what I do:
Eat at 12am, a meal of 300-600 calories
Finish before 1am.
Go to school to study.
Distract myself wh...


Day 2 plus new bunnies!

Posted by evilday in evilday's summer weight loss plan, 23 May 2017 · 25 views

Day 2 is in the bag, but technically it is Day 1 because day one I crashed and burned HARD. I ended up having to go out about 30 minutes away to pick up my new bunnies but it was unexpectedly hot and I was stuck in traffic in a very hot car and ended up waiting in the sun on top of that and by the time I got home and got new bun buns situated I'd missed t...



Posted by _dying2bthin in _dying2bthin's Blog, 23 May 2017 · 21 views

2 tsp all natural crunchy peanut butter - 57 cal
1 slice of multigrain bread - 100 cal
1 piece of Orbit sugarfree spearmint gum - 3 cal

2 cups tossed salad - 50 cal
2 oz boar's head baked ham - 60 cal
1 large raw carrot - 30 cal
28 baby goldfish - 44 cal
2 pieces of Orbit sugarfree spearmint gum - 5 cal

1 cup of homemade...


Rules, Redundancy, and Regret

Posted by noaHM in The lion and the boy/girl/idk?, 23 May 2017 · 27 views

So I've decided that I'm sick of feeling fat, and I'm sick of feeling girly and gross, and like I don't recognize myself. I honestly just want to feel good about myself. Whenever I eat the right amount of food for my body, I feel like a failure. Whenever I eat to little, I feel tired, and running is harder. I got to 118. Only four more pounds. And then ma...


The Beginning

Posted by snuffkitten in snuffkitten's Weight Loss Journey , 23 May 2017 · 22 views

I don't know what this will be become but hey, let's see?
Planning to do some major weight loss over the next weeks. Height: 5'9
UGW:119lbs I plan to stay vegan based, low carb?
No eating after 6pm For 25 days I plan to do a water fast, for mainly health benefits.
Currently 32% into a 24h fast.



Posted by deathly_tones in soaked in bleach, 23 May 2017 · 11 views

Today is one of those days where I reminisce about the first time my grandmother pointed out my eating habits and weight. I was eight years old. And all I want is to scream out and cry.  
Now, contrary to popular belief, I don't hate her for it. I've never been close to her, therefore her...


Intro: Rules and Goals

Posted by SpongeBoob in Reaching Perfection, 23 May 2017 · 30 views

GW1: 110 pounds (must reach by May 31st)
GW2: 105 pounds (must reach by June 14th)
GW3: 100 pounds (must reach by June 28th)
GW4: 95 pounds (must reach by September 1st) Rules
1. Your calorie limit (until you reach 100 pounds) is 800. You cannot eat more than that.
2. After you reach 800 pounds, increase your intake to 1500-2000 calories and...


Don't eat. Don't eat. Don't eat.

Posted by mongrel in mongrel's Blog, 23 May 2017 · 44 views

Don't eat. Don't eat. Don't eat. Day one, binge free. 151 pounds. Goal 145 by June 1st which is about 8 or 9 days away. I should have ate less today. I didn't binge but I could have taken in less calories. At least I opted to not have the cup of vegetable soup with five crackers after I tallied up the calories. It is a rainy day. It would have been nice to have soup but I didn't save the...


23/05 Intake

Posted by JoniBones in JoniBones' Blog, 23 May 2017 · 21 views

Weight 149.4  Breakfast
Espresso - 1
Cocoa locks - 32
Chocolate - 25
Total - 58  Lunch
Soya dessert - 106
Total - 106  Dinner
Califia drink - 117
Potato cakes - 278
Chocolate - 90  Intake - 649
Exercise - 185
Total - 464


May 23rd, 2017

Posted by Nstarr00 in Consent, Spent, and Time to Vent, 23 May 2017 · 24 views

Well, it's the 23rd. Today is a.... special day. I hate the number 23. It's been 1 yr and 5 months since I was sexually assaulted (for the first time). But that wasn't the only thing I was too focused on today (other than my weight, obviously)
I couldn't stop thinking about my ex. I have yet to go a day without crying in weeks because of him. He hurt me s...



Posted by paper_thin_heart in in which we discover that jay is completely and irreversibly fucked up, 23 May 2017 · 21 views

Literally nothing makes me happy anymore. Not even losing a pound. I just need to lose more. None of the things I used to love doing interest me. All I want to do is sleep, but at night I keep myself awake because I don't deserve to sleep. I guess it's a sort of self harm for me, not letting myself sleep. Plus those tend to be the times that I hit and br...


School's ending in like, 9 days what is lyfeee

Posted by pb.is.my.weakness in My sad and shitty life <3, 23 May 2017 · 17 views

05-23-2017 Tuesday I have to go to Bhathanatyam in a bit. Lol, cardio.
I have a confession; I honestly don't want school to end. For a number of reasons tbh. Mainly that it distracts and keeps me from eating. And that I get to see my crush <3 everyday (he's scared of me lmao, I probs shouldn't have given him that Valentine in February) Not t...

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