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Weird sleepiness/weakness?

General ED Discussions Today, 09:34 AM
I am high restricter, eating very healthy and at a small deficit. And I usually sleep at least 7-9hours every night. But some days (happened to me a few times and lasts about a day every time) I feel really strange, very sleepy and weak. Like, so sleepy its hard to keep my eyes open and focus on...
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i'm awful, i'm sorry. question about calorie info

Anorexia Discussions Today, 09:33 AM
sorry for making a thread again, but i'm kinda freaked out. i just ate this which i don't know the calorie content of. how many could it have? it wasn't a binge, but i hadn't planned it and panicking now. it was 120 grams. i post here a definition from wikipedia of what it is because it's a greek...
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lax help please i beg

Anorexia Discussions Today, 09:33 AM
so im having some serious constipation problems, i literally feel and look pregnant because im so backed up    yesterday i decided to start using laxatives, so I bought some and took two.... they've kind of worked but i know theres still a lot left because i can feel it   but im li...
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i didnt binge yesterday!

The Happy Place Today, 09:32 AM
well by binge i mean eat a bunch of junk, i dont usually binge anymore to the point where i feel sick but i didnt do what i consider a binge now!! the day before i ate two packets of chocolates and potato chips. which i felt really bad about. yesterday i ate normally allll day, and today so far...
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fasting - what do you consume?

Anorexia Discussions Today, 09:29 AM
as the title says, it's about fasting. i have never fasted before, but i wanna start into april with a 2d-fast, so i was wondering - what do you guys "consume" during a fast? i already saved two leomons for lemon-juice and i have broth in three different styles, also earl grey and coffee. is ther...
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