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MPA is a site dedicated to the support or recovery of those suffering from eating disorders or body dysmorphic disorders. Please be sensitive to this fact when creating an account and contributing to the board.


HAPPY NEW YEAR! Also regarding new members

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Posted 03 January 2017 - 01:53 PM

With the start of a new year comes those joyful resolutions, and a big influx of new members.
Please keep in mind that mpa is an ALL INCLUSIVE community, whether that be someone looking to just diet, someone actively proana, someone looking for support with their ED, or even someone looking for help recovering. Please treat everyone equally and with respect. There is an inappropriate degree of newbie hazing here, and no doubt it's going to get worse for the next few weeks so if you notice any, please report it.

To those who are frustrated with the new members, please bear in mind we were all new once. You can preach about how this is a support site as much as you like, but it's still called myproana and people are going to be expecting to find a Pro Ana site. Don't jump down their throats because the site isn't what they expected. Polite redirections to mfp or the beach or wherever they should be are ok. Attacks and name calling and general rudeness won't be tolerated and will land you with warnings.

The site will calm down in a couple weeks and mpa will be back to its usual self if we just stick it out and wait patiently.
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