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2468 acctblty diary

diet 2468 diet food diary

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#1 keepfocused



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Posted 06 January 2017 - 10:28 PM

Just started this diet today. I was counting calories before but found that without a food diary or stricter regiment, my calories were all over the place. I recently gained back an ungody amount of weight after I had lost 35 lbs over the summer. I want to kick-start the progress again, then ease into a more sustainable diet plan.

Day 1: 200 calories
I thought this was going to be a lot more difficult today, but last night some friends and I went out for a celebration and I ate quite a bit of sushi (my weakness), so I think I was still being held over by that. Here's what I had today:
Breakfast- 1 coffee, forgot to eat my grapefruit half (oops)- 20 cals
Lunch- medium salad (mixed greens, carrots, cucumbers, LITTLE balsamic vinegarette)- approx. 75-100
Dinner- 2 egg whites and salsa scramble, 2 cups chicken broth with 2 sliced mini peppers and 1/2 c green beans- 44 cals and 36 cals
Green tea and water throughout day- 0 cals
Total Cals: 175-200

I am unsure of exactly how many calories were in my lunch. It was almost entirely mixed greens, only dipped my fork in the dressing instead of putting it directly on. It may be fewer calories, but I'd rather over estimate. Because I forgot breakfast, I decided to make the broth a little more decadent by adding the veggies. I have already made my lunch for tomorrow (measured out for better accuracy), so let's see how that goes. Today I don't feel too hungry; it was even a bit hard to get down all the broth but decided to push myself in interest of keeping true to the diet :)

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Posted 07 January 2017 - 12:05 AM



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Gw1~220 1/26/17






if you feel like binging read this




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I'm a "little" [even though I hate that word lol I prefer "kitten"] 

I also like buns and kittys 

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#3 keepfocused



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Posted 07 January 2017 - 10:08 PM

Thank you for the welcome :)

So today was a bit more difficult than yesterday. It's probably that Thursday I had a big dinner that made me full through yesterday. With significantly less calories to keep me full through today, I feel more hungry. But I'm trying to stay strong with the will power. I really want to see how well this diet works. Today was kind of odd at work- I don't normally eat salads often and people were commenting, asking if I'm dieting, what kind it is. I didn't give the diet name and said that today I'm doing 800 cals instead of the true 400, and that still shocked them. I'm only 5'2" so I tried explaining that I don't need 2000 cals a day anyway in normal circumstances... it was just kind of awkward. Anyway onto the meals.

Day 2: 400 cals

I ate quite a bit of popcorn instead of fruits and veggies because I love salty and cruncy things. As usual, drank as much water and hot green tea throughout the day, which is kind of difficult working retail :/ But at least I walked around a lot today and our store has a huge set of stairs that I used whenever I didn't have to use the elevator :) So that makes me feel really good.

Breakfast- Hot black tea, "open face samdwich" consisting of 3 eggs whites scrambled with 2 tbl salsa on top of 1 c spinach and a piece of wheat toast and a clementine- 136 cals
Snack- 1 c Smartpop popcorn- 35 cals
Lunch/Dinner- Mixed greens salad with 1/2 can tuna, 1/4 c carrots, 1/4 c celery and 2 tbl balsamic vinegarette; 1 c Smartpop popcorn- 167 cals
Snack- 1 c Smartpop- 35 cals

Total- 390 cals

I'm still kind of hungry, so I may allow myself 1-2 c chicken broth (only 5 cals a cup!) if I can't sleep. Also I unfortunately had to combine dinner and lunch into one meal due to my schedule today. That may also be why I'm more hungry than yesterday. Again, thank you so much for the welcome :)

#4 keepfocused



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Posted 08 January 2017 - 05:51 PM

Making this post early because my boyfriend is staying over tonight and I don't want him to see me posting. I realized last night that the calories I had recorded for some things were incorrect, so i actually was at nearly 400 cals. Anyway, today my stomach is upset. TMI- but my, eh-hem- bm's are quite liquidy. I'm wondering if its all the green tea, so after this mug I've made to keep me warm (only 19° today!) I'm only drinking water. Also I hope none of my veggies were off. Today I wanted some blueberries but the package had some mold starting on it, so I just hope it hadn't affected the other foods (I'm probably just paranoid though). So here's today's plan.

Day 3: 600 cals

Breakfast- oatmeal with jelly and cinnamon (instead of berries): 125 cals

Lunch- mixed green salad with celery, cucumber, carrot, chicken and salsa, yogurt, and a clementine: 155, 80, and 35 cals

Dinner- I'll be making chicken soup with some veggies in it- 141 cals

Snack- some cucumber and hummus OR 2 cups smartpop popcorm: 58 or 70 cals

Total: 594 or 606 cals depending on snack

I'm looking forward to tomorrow as I've allotted myself some sugary treats :) I really, REALLY want a Hostess Zebra Cake but for me, in a sick way, part of the fun of restricting is denying myself the treats I really want. I've been wondering though- I know some diets subtract calories burned from exercise. Should I allow myself a little wiggle room on days I know I'm going to exert myself more? This is something I'll consider the next few days.

#5 keepfocused



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Posted 09 January 2017 - 10:25 PM

So today I decided to change things up a bit. I was feeling good about the way my clothes were fitting (my pants have been a bit tight the past few weeks), so I kind of treated myself. I'm worried that I overdid it though :/ I also did a pretty lengthy workout today and last night, and I think I feel into the "well I burned calories so I've earned calories" mentality. Onto the meals.

Day 4: 800 cals

Breakfast- hot tea and 3/4 cereal: 130 cals

Lunch- Subway veggie sub on flatbread: about 310 cals (bread! ahh!) clementine (35 cals) and 1 c Smartpop (35 cals)

Dinner- usual salad with tuna and balsamic vinegarette and 1 c soup: 180 cals

Dessert- 2 cookies: about 75 cals

So, I know I probably shouldn't have had the cookies. But I was a bit weak and my friend was over, she was upset and we had some cookies. I did a workout to The Lion King, which I believe burned around 200-300 cals. It's hard to tell because it was a mixture of aerobic and anaerobic exercises. Anyway, tomorrow is 200 cals and I know it will be a tough day. I have an early work shift, and a friend wants to workout to the Little Mermaid (thank you, Thinspo page!). I'll be burning a lot of cals, intaking little, and dropping from today to tomorrow. However, I'm also pumped about the drop because I know it will lead to lbs dropped! Let's do this :3

#6 keepfocused



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Posted 10 January 2017 - 06:18 PM

I overdid it yesterday with working out. My thighs won't stop cramping up. I'm drinking water like crazy and 0 cal Gatorade and taking potassium buut I'm only getting worse. The neighbor had to help me up my stairs to my floor, and after stretching on the floor to help stop the cramps I collapsed. If my bf wasn't here I would probably still be on the floor. So, unfortunately I felt in the interest of my health that I needed more than 200 calories to recuperate. I believe I'm around 400-500 today, with lean proteins and some carbs being the bulk of todays meals. I've had a pb2 and sugar-free jelly sandwich, some hard-boiled eggs, and salsa on pretzel thins. I'm still in a lot of pain and if I feel I need it, Ill have some turkey lunchmeat and maybe another egg or 2. I'm really upset about today. I had to leave work early because I couldn't walk around without cramping, and now I may have to call in sick if this doesn't stop. I feel I have failed today. It was supposed to be a drop day, to get that calorie burning to kick in, but I got overzealous and set myself back. At least I can say I learned an important lesson and won't exert myself like that again. I didn't feel it was a lot yesterday, but my thighs cry otherwise. Depending on how I finish the night, tomorrow will either be the regular 400 day or Ill start over again with 200.

#7 keepfocused



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Posted 11 January 2017 - 11:06 AM

I really, really injured myself the other day and now I'm becoming sick. I was up all night with the muscle cramps spreading. I allowed myself more calories, up to 800. I saw a fitness article that said cramping can be caused by your electrolytes being out of balance, and since i was drinking so much water, I had some salty foods. It also suggested drinking pickle juice. Today my cramps are less intense and less frequent, but my right leg and knee are scary swollen. Today I think I will go back to 200, but focus on keeping my electrolytes in check as well as being hydrated. However, if my meds make me too sick Ill have more food. I really want to lose weight, and this diet has been working, and I'm even willing to risk my health to a point. But I can't even leave my apartment right now, can barely walk, and sitting then standing for the toilet is an exercise in self torture. I can deal with beinh sick but this pain is unreal, and I even had to call in sick to work. I was supposed to help my roommate move in and I can't go anywhere. I'm at a poont where I'm messing with my money and that's unacceptable. Just really disappointed with the past few days. No more working out til a "refeed" or super hi cal day :(

#8 molasses



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Posted 12 January 2017 - 02:07 AM

Oh dear, that sounds awful! Well, I got through my 200 cal day yesterday and surprise surprise, family orders dinner tonight without my knowledge so I've definitely blown my 400cal limit today. I'm going to redo my 400cal tomorrow and keep persevering until I succeed!

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#9 keepfocused



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Posted 13 January 2017 - 08:34 PM

I can imagine its hard keeping to the diet living with family. Even though this is something that can make you happy, sometimes people don't understand. The best way I've been able to keep at it with work people around, and now a new roommate, is to keep the diet super healthy.

I was in the ER Tuesday night, and the meds they have me on require food or I get really nauseous. So today I only had to take one pain pill, so I went back to 200 cals. I had eggs whites and salsa for breakfast (protein to help the muscle rebuild), tons of hot tea, some Smartpop popcorn and a few raspberries. I felt kind of sick after the berries, so I won't be able to eat anymore anyway. Just drinking some 0 cal MIO in my water to keep me hydrated, and try to keep the dizziness from the pain meds down.

Don't feel too bad for going over 200- I find it hard to make a nutritious meal plan for those days. You can always alter the diet to be like 4-4-6-8. The main point, (IMO) is that the sudden calorie drop and gradual rebuild of calorie intake is what causes the weight loss, not necessarily taking in a super low cal count. You can also work out a bit and maybe subtract calories burned from your total daily intake? This is something I've been toying around with, then I injured myself haha :P

Sorry if this post is incoherent. The pain meds make me foggy, it's hard to focus. I ended around 200 cals, tomorrow I'm aiming for 400. Everyone have a good evening :)

#10 keepfocusedagain



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Posted 16 January 2017 - 11:50 PM

I'm in distress. I've had to create ANOTHER profile because for some reson mine isn't working. This seems to be an issue on this site and today is the WORST day for it to happen.

My life is unraveling. And i binged. Like crazy. For 2 days.

So I made the last cal allowance I gave myself. Then sh*t hit the fan.

Someone at work is trying to get me fired. Here's the situation:

For a year I've been having issues with my company. I called HR. And received not only zero help, but I had issues w ny manager and was told I needed to "see things from my mgr's pov", "cut her some slack", and "speak w her about these issues because how would I feel in her situation" when EVERY DAY my job was threatened for no reason. And i had many, many witnesses. Who goes from 2!! promotions a year to having their job threatened daily? Its a long story, but basically recently I had a conversation with a district member I thought I could trust. Now, I'm being harassed! HR calls me about a "relationship" with someone under me!! Asks if we're "cohabitating"! THE FUCK?! Yes, we're friends, but isn't it odd that I make these reports about abuses of power at store and district levels and a week later I get harassed over something with no evidence against me, My friend felt harassed, I feel harassed, and like I'm being pushed into quitting. I'm going to cause all kinds of hell.

Aside from that, I found out last night my stepdad is dying from cancer (round 2) and basically kidney failure. I'm estranged from my mom and live over 6 hrs away from home. I'm so distraught. On top of my leg injury.

So i binged.

on emotions, food, alcohol, all of it. I lost control. And i didn't have my account on here to vent and i took it as a sign that I just need to go as far as possible. I'm oit of control w eating and drinking. Luckily I'm not mixing it w my prescription for pain but why the hell shouldn't i?! My family, career, friendships, all of it is in the shitter so why shouldn't I just take my body with it? And i know how paranoid i sound but I know a new hire at work made some fake f*cking complaint about my friend and me and that's why we're being harassed. But any complaint I make is never investigated? I know I'm npt fully explaining everything and Iit all seems haphazard and slaped together but this is how I feel!! Just out of control. Can anyone help me regain control?

#11 keepfocusedagain



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Posted 18 January 2017 - 05:24 PM

*Sigh* I was quite emotional the other night. I'm still, not upset, but not happy about the work and family situations. Today I'm starting over.

I'm on vacation this week. I'm taking it for me. I was supposed to visit family but it's such a far drive and I'm emotionally and mentally and physically exhausted. I just need time to relax, sleep, read, and get my leg healed.

Ill be ok. I got this.

If anyone else feels like this, you're not alone.

Ill write more tomorrow. Today I'm just very tired from little sleep last night and an early work shift today.

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Posted 24 January 2017 - 02:42 AM

I'm still here.

I had some complications from the leg injury. I also have a new roommate. I'm also dealing with issues regarding my family, not being able to visit recently, etc. Along with the previous issues I've listed before.

I'm feeling low, I've already gained back the weight I've lost with this diet. I'm frustrated, angry, sad, and falling into old habits I had hoped I was done with. Luckily it's not SI harm stuff, but drugs. I know this isn't the usual forum to discuss such things, but there's probably not many people looking at this thread anyway, let alone many people that will care. That's not self pity junk, just facts.

My body is starting to function normally again. Little pain, normal bms (sorry for tmi but I've been very sick for a while so this is major for me), now i just need to start communicating with the people in my life again.

Side note, regardless of whatever political affiliation you have, I hope everyone found inspiration this past weekend. I couldn't attend because i was sick, but I really wish I could have marched with my friends.

You're all worth marching for.

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Posted 26 January 2017 - 11:12 PM

how's it going? <3

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