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How much do you gain if you have to eat "normally" for a few days?

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#1 crimeforpunishment



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Posted 10 February 2014 - 09:51 AM

Enough people know about my ED history that lately they've all been getting suspicious of my weight loss. So I've had to eat to their satisfaction for the last...almost a week.


Five days. 1800 cals/day. I gained six pounds. I am amazed and horrified.


Restricted one day and two of those pounds have already dropped off; I'm really hoping the rest follow suit. I'm betting a couple are for real though...


...what happens to you guys when you're forced to eat "normally" for a few days?



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#2 themysterygirl


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Posted 10 February 2014 - 09:59 AM

I'm sorry, dear!! The weight will be off before you know it, don't worry. To be honest, I make sure I NEVER weigh myself after I've had to eaten "normally", mainly because I never have the restriction to just eat a couple normal meals. I normally end up binging hard core and wouldn't dare to weigh myself after a binge. :/
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#3 Guest_illnevertellthemaboutana_*

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Posted 10 February 2014 - 10:57 AM

If it's only a weekend I'll gain only 2lbs, but over a week I gain about the same amount you did.

Hope you get those extra lbs off!

#4 Guest_Spindash_*

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Posted 10 February 2014 - 11:00 AM

My weekends are hell because of this. =.= Specifically when I go to my mom's because they eat juuuunkkk and I can't do anything about it. >.>

#5 Ava xo

Ava xo

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Posted 10 February 2014 - 11:32 AM

I never gain weight in just a few days
It's the 'just a few days' every other week
I have a problem with telling people I can't go out of town, don't want to go out to eat, don't need to go to that wine tasting
It all adds up.
And there are lots of things I can't get out of, like eating after a funeral

4000 cal a day in 3 days, don't gain anything
4000 cal in 3 days twice a month for 2 months...fat as shit.

Be the change you want to see! :D


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#6 Bibliophile


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Posted 10 February 2014 - 11:39 AM

I'm pretty much the same as  you, it sucks and just inspires me to get it off much quicker...

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#7 waterfalls


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Posted 10 February 2014 - 11:40 AM

I usually eat around 1600 when I eat normally and I think I gain around 1-2 lbs. I'm 5'8 and 127 lbs.

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#8 Guest_Guest3892_*

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Posted 10 February 2014 - 11:43 AM


I have had it put on water weight, pull off bloat weight or send me into hypermetabolic mode where is start sweating and losing on ridiculously high calorie. My water weight gains though are about 5lbs or less.

#9 ¥olandi visser

¥olandi visser

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Posted 10 February 2014 - 11:48 AM

The past 3 days I ate around 900 a day and I gained about 3 or 4 pounds back

This hurts. Not being perfect hurts.

#10 Guest_hannahXrey_*

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Posted 10 February 2014 - 12:41 PM

OP, remember that your digestive track can hold 5-7 lbs of food at any given time, so some of it could be because of that!


If I eat normally, I usually gain 2-3 lbs right away and then it sort of levels off. But as soon as I start eating normally my binging tends to get out of hand, so I would gain a few more pounds before I actually got a hold of things enough to continue eating normally and not binge. I'm not even sure I've ever made it that far, I always end up purging at some point, binging/purging a few days, then going back to restricting.

#11 Guest_annabethmn_*

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Posted 10 February 2014 - 12:45 PM

I ate around 2000 calories for the past 2 weeks and it says I gained 10 pounds but it might be broken because I still fit in my clothes and everything

#12 Dizzi


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Posted 10 February 2014 - 01:20 PM

Ive gained over 6 pounds in just 3 days. Forced to stop my eca stack at the same time. My metabolism is non existant.
Its horrifying but the pounds can always be brought back off... right? :/

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#13 Weightloss_Junkie


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Posted 10 February 2014 - 01:27 PM

I decided to try eating 'normally' just for a couple of weeks to see what would happen. I was kinda hoping i would gain a little bit but then it would even out, but nope; i gained 10lbs in that time. I am disgusted, and going back to restricting by fasting today. My metabolism is clearly shot, and i know that the way to sort it out is to just continue eating normally and deal with the weight gain but no. Not happening.

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#14 cashmeresweaters


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Posted 10 February 2014 - 01:33 PM

I ate "normally" for 3 days and I only gained  1 lb. I was also on diet pills though

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#15 changeoftune


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Posted 10 February 2014 - 02:12 PM

I had to eat almost 700 calories for three days and only lost 2 pounds that week.  Family, of course.  Thanks.  Sorry people are on your case.

#16 Guest_Mjaomjao_*

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Posted 10 February 2014 - 03:57 PM

Same here 3 Days - 5 Pounds. I was doing well so I tried eating normal as an experiment, to see if i would keep my current weight. Nope. Never trying that again.

#17 halfofmyheart


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Posted 10 February 2014 - 04:25 PM

Never tried, but im sure i would gain a ton! 1 day binge kills me

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#18 Guest_AbsMadeInTheKitchen_*

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Posted 28 May 2015 - 02:35 AM

I never weigh myself after eating normally because it'd be too devastating (for someone with an ED I'm surprisingly protective of my own feelings - ironic I know). I typically go a week with heavier fasting/restrict cycles until I get that lighter feeling. It's always back to normal pretty quickly. I do have to say my binges are still pretty tame and still within my gluten/red meat/dairy free guidelines (like eating sweet potatoe fries or loaded up scrambled eggs) so that might have a lot to do with it. If I ever go over the deep end and have even a taste of beer or doughnuts or any of my "may day" foods I may never be slim again! 

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