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Pass out/almost passed out stories

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#161 PositiveVibes



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Posted 23 May 2017 - 06:59 PM

I was working in a cvs pharmacy and was ringing out a customer. My vision all of the sudden started to get weird and fuzzy but i was too afraid to walk away cuz i didnt want to get yelled at so i passed out right in front of this little old lady and the last thing i remember before blacking out and falling was her confused/horrified face.
Woke up on the ground with a headache cuz my head hit the stand that the pharmacist was at. Everybody was staring and i wanted to go home and they looked at me like i was just being lazy and looking for an excuse to leave.
Awful place to work btw. Cried on multiple occasions cuz of how mean they were.

I've almost passed out before while working retail but i was always able to walk away cuz the co workers werent as dickish.
Its always in front of customers too.

Good times.

I think its always because of low blood pressure but never got it confirmed.

#162 Durian



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Posted Yesterday, 08:31 PM

Fainted only once and I did it at the best place ever: In the main hall of a hospital. It can't be food related though. It was at 11am and I had breakfast. 


Almost passed out at the dentist, but only after he helped me already. It was 5pm and I didn't have food at all. When I got home I ate a whole bag of rice crackers :/


Notable mention:

I work together with my ex. At work she said a couple of times that I'm eating way too much. So I decided to eat nothing at all the next time. She did eat and guess what happened? She ended up passing out after work  :lol:

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#163 MissCellaneous



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Posted Yesterday, 09:04 PM

Never fully passed out, but almost did in the middle of class. Not solely because of not eating, but because I took a lot of pain meds (for actual pain) on an empty stomach. Apparently I was swaying.

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