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TW. Most triggering thing someone has accidentally told you.

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#1441 Idk/what/2/call/it


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Posted 23 April 2017 - 11:05 PM

One time when I was about 17
On easter my mom bought me and my sister easter baskets and my favorite thing was the box of nerds, so I opened the box and started eating them ,my dad told me "if you keep eating those you're going to blow up" and I got angry (because I was heavily fasting previously) and said "I don't care leave me alone" and he grabbed the nerds out of my hand and took my entire easter basket and dumped it all in the trash.

I cried so much

I'll Never forget it

:wub:  :lol:  :D  :P  :)  :rolleyes:

#1442 Proxible


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Posted Yesterday, 12:22 AM

that's horrible I'm sorry . Dude how did you lose 40 pounds In 4 months ?


When on a higher weight its just more easy I guess. Also I had the dedication to fast at least 3 days a week and and every day I would fast I would lose almost 2 lbs. But losing it so fast got me in a terrible binge and purge cycle after it and at the moment I have been stuck in the 130's for 2 months or so. So wouldn't really recommend it.

Hight 5'1"/1.56 cm

HW 198 lbs/90 kg BMI 37.0


CW 134.0 lbs/60.8 kg BMI 25.0

Lost 64 lbs - 46 lbs to go!


GW 88 lbs/40 kg BMI 16.5

#1443 Fluffydoop



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Posted Yesterday, 03:21 AM

Im 5'9 and people say im big and when I say wow rude they're like oh shit son I meant like tall and shit but I genuinely am medicley considered obese and it hurts me to think about it
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#1444 Emmawantskinny



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Posted Yesterday, 09:42 AM

"Ballerinas have to be thin and dainty"

My dad after 10 year old me told him I wanted to be a ballerina. I was (am) a chubby kid


#1445 Jolee88



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Posted Today, 08:20 AM

When I was 18 I went to a weight watcher meeting with my Mom.
It was a big meeting and we were sitting in the front. The leader pointed to
me and said she is a natural skinny. My mom said, Oh no she isn't,
you should see how big her hips are.

#1446 WaitingforDawn



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Posted Today, 09:39 AM

My friend once asked to see if my collarbone is as protruding as hers. Mine is kinda but it's not very prominent by the hollow od my neck although it does grow more so until it reaches my shoulders ( which are bony for some reason ever since I lost weight and never grew thicker when I gained it back)

I ask her why while pulling my shirts collar down and she says oh it's just a sign of beauty, looks at my collarbone then looks back at me and says " you don't have any"

So basically I'm ugly right?


#1447 PuzzledWaist



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Posted Today, 11:44 AM

I work at an Alzheimer care facility. One of the residents was trying to get my attention and she did that by saying, "Hey, big lady" 
Yup. You got my attention alright.



Height: 5'6"

HW: 260
CW: 177
GW: 110


"Unhappy is he to whom the memories of childhood bring only fear and sadness."

#1448 ExaLectric


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Posted Today, 03:31 PM

My boyfriend "I don't think you need to lose any more weight, but I wouldn't complain if you lost another 20"


Also my boyfriend "I love that your stomach has a little fat I can grab" All I heard was "your stomach = fat"

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Look to the past; it will guide you to your future.



#1449 Dipleyssyndrome



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Posted Today, 04:38 PM

This happened yesterday. I was asking my husband what he liked in a girl (stirring the pot I guess) and he just mentioned that he liked the girl from iZombie, Liv or whatever, and he told me I looked like her.
His mom then told me I would look like her if I had anorexia

#1450 KuroLi


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Posted Today, 05:19 PM

Muy boyfriend told me "I think that you lost weight in your arms but you have gained it in your hips."

"You have to make the right choice. As long as you don't choose, everything remains possible."





Heigh: 1'70 m

SW: 89'3 Kg

CW: I don't want know it


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