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AFK until better from bronchitis

Posted by Sweet_Strawberry , 15 October 2021 · 61 views

I had some health problems in beginning of October and recently got hit with some nasty bronchitis. I wont keep a journal or anything. I will most likely try and eat clean (yoghurt,broth, green veggies and eggs) while im sick and continue my journal and exercise once im better. I’m still doing daily fasts (16-22 hours) and having a small caloric deficit (...


9th October + 10th october

Posted by Sweet_Strawberry , 10 October 2021 · 52 views

9th October Ring fit adventure 52 min 251 calories
walking 50 min 150 calories
Total calories burned: about 1600  10th October walking 50 min 210 calories Total calories burned: About 1400  Food/drinks:
Vit hit tea (basically tea with vitamins and some flavouring, sugar free): 35 calories
alpro ice coffee 300 ml: 126 calories...


B/p the last few days + 8th of October

Posted by Sweet_Strawberry , 08 October 2021 · 36 views

I had a major relapse i havent b/p-ed this much in a long time. I was doing sort of ok for a year and i dont know why i am doing this bad again.
Feeling bad and invalid with my ed (saw a bunch of triggering stuff) so im planning another fast as well as exercising a lot (instead of not exercising/little exercise during fasting but screw it cuz i have potas...


28th/29th september

Posted by Sweet_Strawberry , 29 September 2021 · 61 views

28th September

Fast: 68 hours  Binged. I’m unsure how many calories i had during my binge. I had a nightmare of past abuse and was feeling like shit throughout the day. I tried distracting myself as best i could but the head space of wanting comfort food/binge wouldn’t pass away so after 2 hours of trying i binged on a bunch of multigrain cracke...


26th/27th September (with cat pictures edition!)

Posted by Sweet_Strawberry , 27 September 2021 · 83 views

26th September   Exercise:
Low intensity jogging + jumping jacks 1 hour and 46 min= 502 calories
ring fit adventure 1 hour and 18 min= 370 calories Total exercised: 870 calories
Total calories burned: About 2200 calories  Hope you all are doing well! I felt very exhausted, hungry and tired but pushed through with the hard exercise becaus...


24th/25th September

Posted by Sweet_Strawberry , 25 September 2021 · 67 views

24th September  Exercise:
Low intensity jogging + jumping jacks 32 min= 150 calories
walking 41 min= 128 calories
Ring fit adventure 55 min= 250 calories
(im trying not to over exercise because i did that once and was stuck in bed for 2 weeks because of it; so not worth it)  Total exercised: 528 calories (probably less considering how inaccur...


23rd September

Posted by Sweet_Strawberry , 24 September 2021 · 93 views

Hello! I will try my best to update every two days of my eating/exercise/fasting habits. Yesterday i felt too sick to continue my water fast (Small note i only consider waterfasts (water and salts) as an actual fast for myself). I was at the hour 75 when i got too dizzy/sick even while laying in bed resting. This most likely comes from not fully bein...

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