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Day 13: Goal 300 kcal and results of Day 12

Posted by BigMamaBE , 27 April 2014 · 419 views

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Stats for April 26th:

Net kcals: 343
SW (on April 15th): 70.2 kg/154.5
CW (as of the morning of April 27th): 69 kg/152 lb

Muscle mass %: 32.9
Fat %: 32.7
Water weight %: 46.2

I think the days where I have really low calorie counts are the hardest because I know myself and how I am with food and I know there are certain things that I must do, eating dinner with the family being one of these. Today is one of those days. I vowed I would only sip my giant mug of coffee all day long and have nothing until dinner, but then my youngest and I walked down to the grocery store because we needed a few ingredients for the casserole I'm making tonight, and she really wanted a loaf of French bread. And it smelled SOOOOO good, so I broke down and had a 50-gram slice with a little bit of margarine and a slice of lean ham. Which bumped me up to 250 calories already and I still have dinner to eat. Luckily, I know all of the ingredients and their calorie counts, so I know exactly what I'm putting in my mouth.

Granted, I had the exercise from the walk this morning, and I count things like cooking and cleaning as exercises in MFP (btw, am I the only one who does this??) but I'm still going to have to do something tonight to make up for it. If I push myself really hard doing my calisthenics, then I might be able to come in around 255 calories which would be great. I'm hoping I can convince the family to go for another walk this afternoon.

Last night was also a bust as far as gross calories are concerned. It was a spaghetti dinner in support of our eldest's scouts troop. I went with the spaghetti vergi because supposedly it had more veggies in it and less meat (I just couldn't do veggie only), but it seemed suspiciously like plain old bolognaise. Then the girls (we took a friend of our eldest's along as well) didn't eat their lasagna/spaghetti, so my husband and I made up for it, plus the beers we had with dinner.... All in all, I not only went over my challenge goal by nearly half, I went over my average daily MFP limit.

So the only recourse I had, since I couldn't purge anything, was to exercise like a demon when we got home. I was still buzzing from the beers and all I really wanted to do was lay down with my girls after tucking them in and sleep the sleep of the dead. But I didn't. I made my fat ass get up on that bike and I burned 1,304 calories. That added to another little walk I took with my youngest added up to a total of 1,527 calories burned, which brought me well under yesterday's goal.

I just have to make sure that I burn more than I put in. Happy to see that I'm starting to go back down, but I wish my period would start and go the fuck away already. I want to get back under my lowest weight and I can't be sure that the fluctuating weight I'm seeing is because of the PMS bloat of if it's actually me. But I'm still inordinately happy with that 100-gram loss, lol. And way too excited about having upgraded to Runtastic's PRO pedometer app. I'm going to be keeping my phone in my back pocket all the time now!!

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