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Day 28: Goal 900 kcals and results of Day 27

Posted by BigMamaBE , 11 May 2014 · 326 views

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Stats for May 11th:

Net kcals: 539
SW (on April 15th): 70.2 kg/154.5 lb
CW (as of the morning of May 12th): 68 FUCKING kg/150 lb

Muscle mass %: 32.3
Fat %: 33.1
Water weight %: 46.5

So yesterday was Mother's Day, and it sucked like I thought it would.

The hubs is very into firearms and just recently got himself a new one, so naturally he had to go to the shooting range on fucking Mother's Day morning. He was still mad at me from Saturday, so he kept taking it out on me in little ways all day yesterday. Since he was gone all morning, naturally the girls came in for everything while I was trying to sleep in. I think they must have come in 30 times in the span of 3 hours until I finally just gave up and got up.

Went downstairs and there wasn't even fresh coffee waiting for me. So I made my self a pot, with a big ole helping of whipped cream and about 3 fingers of advocaat ( with more whipped cream. Then the hubs brought home doughnuts and a huge loaf of French bread. So naturally, I had some of those. I don't even like those fucking doughnuts, but I ate one, damnit. Then the girls wanted me to make a cake, so I made brownies, which they decorated with gummy frogs.

And since I refused to cook dinner on fucking Mother's Day, after having cooked dinner the three previous nights in a row, the hubs decided to be fucking lazy and make vol-au-vent OUT OF A FUCKING CAN and fries in the fryer. I couldn't even finish it - he left the fries in too long, the little pastry thing had a funky aftertaste and I felt horrible after eating it, but I couldn't purge since he was here. And then to make myself fell better, I binged on brownies and gummies, which naturally only made me feel worse. So instead, I worked out like a fiend.
But I had to wait to take my shower until this morning because the girls both had their bath and then the hubs took a shower, so I knew I wasn't gonna have any hot water left for me.

So basically, my Mother's Day sucked, apart from a few bright little moments thanks to my babies.

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