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Day 29: Goal 1,000 kcals and results of Day 28

Posted by BigMamaBE , 13 May 2014 · 292 views

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Stats and extra measurements for May 12th:

Net kcals: 192
SW (on April 15th): 70.2 kg/154.5 lb
CW (as of the morning of May 13th): 67.9 kg/149.7 lb

Muscle mass %: 32.3
Fat %: 33.1
Water weight %: 46.5

Waist in cm: 94.5 cm (start), 89 cm (current - went up a cm from the last measurement, boo :angry: )
Hips in cm: 110 cm (start), 102.5 cm (current - went up 2.5 cm from the last measurement, boo :angry: )
Bicep in cm: 29.5 cm (start), 30.5 cm (current - went up, but that's cool because I am doing weight training B) )
Thigh in cm: 59.5 cm (start), 59 cm (current - went down half a cm from the last measurement, yay ^_^ )
Baby belly flab: 101.5 cm (start), 98.5 cm (current - went down half a cm from the last measurement, yay ^_^ )

So, not as pleased with myself as I was when I measured this morning, after having compared to the previous measurements. But still not too shabby when you look at my starting measurements, especially my hips, waist (at my belly button) and the flab. I just wish I was seeing such significant drops in my weight as well.

Yesterday was a "normal" day as far as food was concerned. Started the day with a box of orange juice, coffee and a Special K cereal bar. Lunch was bouillon and plain toast. Dinner was leftover green bean, corn and chicken stir-fry with rice. Again, I didn't eat it all. It's getting easier for me not to clean my plate, but I feel like a hypocrite because I'm constantly telling my girls they have to clean their plates. I know exactly how much they are willing to eat each night, though, so I never give them more than that when I make their plates. My snacking is what is killing me... Had some brownie from the cake I made for my Mother's Day, an apple, an After-Eight mint chocolate and a gummy frog.

But, I made sure that I got on the bike and I burned off nearly everything. The hubs was giving me a bit of flack so I didn't get down into the negatives, but I did call him out on his shit. I told him to refill the tub for me when he was done so I could wash off after my workout. He'd long been out by the time I was done exercising, so he came in and told me the water was gonna get cold. I said I didn't mind, I needed to finish up on the bike. And he said, "Well, don't forget to drain it."

What, I got Old-Timer's or something? :huh: I can't remember that 60 minutes ago, I asked you to fill the tub for me? I'm 33, not 93. I think I can remember that kind of shit. :angry:

So I replied, saying that with all the comments he's been making recently, he must have a really bad opinion of me lately. And he tells me NO. And then asks with genuine surprise why I would think that. So I give him some examples of the shit he's said lately and his answer: "Well, I know how you are."!!!!!!!!!! And then he came over expecting a good night kiss?!? Oh hell no. I said I didn't want one and he sulked off to bed, all mad at me because he's going to be gone for another 3-day training (he just got back from a 5-day training last Monday) and I wouldn't give him a kiss. So he walked out the door telling me he'd see me in three days. A good thing about him being gone all the time lately is that I can work out whenever and however much I want.

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