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Day 31: Goal 800 kcals and results of Day 30

Posted by BigMamaBE , 15 May 2014 · 233 views

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Stats for May 14th:

Net kcals: 1,385 (goal was 950)
SW (on April 15th): 70.2 kg/154.5 lb
CW (as of the morning of May 15th): 67.2 kg/148.2 lb

Muscle mass %: 33.6
Fat %: 31.1
Water weight %: 47.3

Yesterday started out great. I had a nectarine and Monster energy drink for breakfast. Lunch was a cup of chicken broth and a banana. Dinner was homemade spaghetti with meat sauce. And I kept my snacking down to a little soft chocolate multigrain bar, which was around 130 cals, and a cup of coffee with cream and fake cane sugar.

And then I went home, and I had an accident. I had stopped behind another car at an intersection close to our house. Anyone coming from the right has priority over here, unless posted otherwise. So, the guy in front of me starts to go, and I look to the left to make sure no one was coming and start to make my turn and BAM! I hadn't seen the other car come speeding up from the right, which caused the guy in front of me to slam his breaks on to avoid driving out in front of this other car. The damage to his car: a little scratch that he'll be able to fix today at the body shop where he works. My fucking POS car: a huge piece is now sticking out right in front! Luckily, the guy was totally cool about it and suggested not involving our insurance companies, which is good for me because my last wreck caused me to lose points on my license and my insurance prices are already super high because of it and another seriously minor little scrape. Plus, it brought major shit down on my head from the hubs.

So I jury rigged it with some tape that's supposed to be able to be used on roofs and shit AND IT'S NOT HOLDING!!! If the hubs sees what's happened, I'm gonna have to tell him the truth and he is gonna flip his goddamned, fucking lid. I was so scared after I got home last night, because I didn't tell him, and I asked the girls not to tell him either. Luckily, he didn't go outside last night after I got home, so he didn't see it. Problem is that because of it, my whole day was fucked because the hubs went to bed early and instead of working out like I'd planned, I wolfed down about 4 brownies in a row and immediately purged them. It was so violent, I pulled a muscle in my lower abdomen. It hurt worse than having contractions.

Went by the garage today to get an estimate and it's going to cost at least €300 and they may even need to replace the entire grill!! Fucking hell!! And the the thing is, we have spent more money fixing this car up (and not just as a result of my fender benders) than I think we actually paid on it. We were talking about it the other night and the hubs says, "Well, yeah, Peugeots are shit. Always have been, always will be." SO WHY THE FUCK DID WE BUY ME ONE???????? I hate this car. It is cursed. Or maybe it's just me whose seriously fucked up and shouldn't be here.

I'm seriously considering lying to the hubs and telling him that since I had to park on the street at work (which I did) because the parking lot was too full, somebody backed into my car and then left the scene without leaving a note. Actually, I'm pretty convinced this is what I'm going to tell him happened.

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