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Day 36: Goal 600 kcals and results of Day 35

Posted by BigMamaBE , 20 May 2014 · 353 views

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Stats for May 19th:

Net kcals: 615 (goal was 800)
SW (on April 15th): 70.2 kg/154.5 lb
CW (as of the morning of May 20th): 66.9 kg/147.5 lb (whoo hoo, lost a pound overnight! I know it's probably just water or whatever, but I still like to see that number go down!)

Muscle mass %: 33.5
Fat %: 31.3
Water weight %: 47.2
So yesterday was good and bad. I carried on the bingetude from this weekend unfortunately, but purged through exercise last night. It was horrible yesterday because while the actual work I do doesn't suck, my job does. A French company bought what I can only assume was controlling interest in the agency I work at, and when this was proposed we were all told that nothing would change, we would be able to continue working as we always had because it was our company culture that was so great and important. Haha, YEAH RIGHT! First, they replaced our project management system, then they've started to replace the cloud that we work in, and now they've replaced our email systems. All in the name of "solving problems" that were never there in the fucking first place! I seriously hate it. It stresses me out every day, to the point where I am amazed I don't have an ulcer (considering my history with them). Sometimes it upsets me to the point of binging on sweets, others to the point of feeling like I'm going to puke any minute.

Breakfast was a shameful breakfast - coffee and leftover wedding cake from a co-worker's wedding this weekend. Lunch was light cheese spread on a large bread roll and a Monster energy drink because I'm addicted and I needed it. Snacks were two Special K cereal bars, 2 mini Easter eggs, some slices of turkey salami and some Trader Joe's Texas Hot Mix (peanuts and rice thingies), and a cup of green tea. I was going to skip dinner, but the girls asked me why I wasn't eating with them, so I got a few pieces of leftover BBQ meat and a tiny bit of potato salad with cucumbers, and then begged off eating a lot of it saying my stomach was hurting. Then the hubs brought out a bottle of well-chilled white wine so there went that.

So once I'd gotten the girls in bed, helped the hubs with a bit of yardwork (had to destroy a really beautiful elderberry bush because it was hanging over into our neighbor's yard and she's a cranky old BITCH - but we've got some revenge in mind), put away dishes and then jumped on the bike with SSvsSS on the iPad.

I'm really stressing about this weekend. Sunday is my niece's communion ceremony and I haven't seen any of my in-laws in several months. It's part of the reason the hubs told me to go buy a new dress last weekend. I am bound and determined to get down to at LEAST 65 kg by then. I'm thinking of skipping lunches since that's easier than trying to skip dinners. But that's what dropped me down to my lowest adult weight ever last week and I want to get back to that again, and preferably lower if at all possible by Sunday.

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Ahh sounds like such a stressful time, and don't beat yourself up for letting it get to you. Changes at work are frustrating- you just have to get on the best you can, and try and embrace it. Fighting it is only going to make your life more difficult! I work in a bookshop and the new manager has literally (in my opinion) destroyed everything- we all knew it wouldn't work out and that the previous manager's system was much better. She didn't listen to any of our concerns, went ahead with it, and now she is dealing with the negative consequences. Maybe something similar will happen for you? Perhaps they will realise not to mess with things that don't need fixing!


It's a new week food wise and you are entirely in control over what you put in your mouth. Maybe you needed to relax a little and have wine+cake over the weekend! We all need a break sometimes, just for our sanity's sake. Great job for exercising as well! Always makes me feel better after I splash out ^-^


Chin up and keep on at it!

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Yeah, I know we can't fight them, but we're doing our best to constantly point out the errors that pop up every day, so hopefully they'll let us go back to the way things were, since our old system was infinitely superior. I mean, Mozilla Thunderbird, REALLY??


I'll relax things a bit more after the challenge is over (just 2 more weeks). But I really wanted to see if I could pull it off.


Thanks for the encouragement!! :D

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