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Day 39: Goal 800 kcals and results of Day 38

Posted by BigMamaBE , 23 May 2014 · 320 views

eternal diet challenge accountability Eternal Diet Challenge
Stats for May 22nd:

Net kcals: -123 (goal was 200)
SW (on April 15th): 70.2 kg/154.5 lb
CW (as of the morning of May 23rd): 66.5 kg/145.9 lb

Muscle mass %: 33.9
Fat %: 30.6
Water weight %: 47.7

I keep fucking gaining, even though I've been in negative calories for the last TWO days!! However, I'm proud that I was able to go into negative calories on such a low-cal day.

I was still feeling pretty low yesterday because of all the troubles with the hubs, so breakfast was a Senseo café latte speculoos, fake cane sugar and a sausage roll. Lunch was a sub with grilled chicken, veggies and spicy mayo. The hubs didn't look at his GD phone at all yesterday, so we both ended up stopping to pick something up for dinner. I picked up rotisserie chicken (there's a little traveling stand that cooks them on the spot here where I work) and was going to make fries and red cabbage. But we ended up eating meatballs in tomato sauce with instant mashed potatoes, but luckily those are both pretty low cal, considering. So tonight will be the rotisserie chicken and such.

I've decided to force myself to go out for walks during my lunch break every day now. I get 30 minutes, which will burn a little over 100 calories according to my Runtastic pedometer. Plus there's a nice little park not too far from my office, so it makes for a lovely little walk. Then right after dinner, I went upstairs to change into my workout clothes. The hubs, still paranoid about catching me purging dinner the night before last, turned the fucking TV down to listen and make sure I wasn't purging again. He's got to think I'm pretty fucking stupid if he thinks I'd tried to pull that shit again with him right fucking there. I'm doing everything I can to avoid exhibiting ANY behaviors in front of him because I'm not ready to give up yet. Once I came back downstairs, he turned the TV back up. I did my countdown calisthenics routine and then jumped on the bike for a long ride. What gets me is that he's perfectly fucking okay with my working out for 2+ hours every single night, but he catches me purging (after he'd done everything he could to push me to that point, however unintentional it may have been) and he flips the fuck out.

Although it didn't seem to do me very good because I've gained another 300 g overnight. But my face broke out earlier this week, so I'm hoping this is just period weight and not actual weight. But if it is my period, that's gonna suck because I'm going to be all bloated this weekend at the festivities.

you might need to do a few higher cal days…it sounds like your body went into starvation mode so its holding onto fat, so you need to trick it haha

I'm gonna be having plenty of those soon. The rest of the challenge looks like this: May 23: 800 May 24: 600 May 25: 400 May 26: 200 May 27: 550 May 28: 650 May 29: 700 May 30: 750 May 31: 875 June 1: 950 June 2: 1000 June 3: 1000 Thing is, I usually eat a total intake of between 1,000 and 1,700. I just usually ride the bike long enough to drop it back down to whatever the challenge limit is. I'm glad the challenge is ending soon. Feel like I'm starting to plateau, so I'll need to find something new to follow. Maybe the HSGD since I seem to suck at really low cal days, lol.

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