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Day 47: Goal 875 kcals and results of Day 46

Posted by BigMamaBE , 31 May 2014 · 302 views

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Stats for May 30th:

Net kcals: 585 (goal was 750)
SW (on April 15th): 70.2 kg/154.5 lb
CW (as of the morning of May 31st): ???? Didn't get the chance to weigh today. The girls were stuck to me like glue.

Yesterday was .... Skipped breakfast because I knew we were going to have lunch at Ikea. Did a lot of walking in the Makro first - it's the Belgian version of Sam's Club. Went all out at lunch - 15 Swedish meatballs, fries, gravy and lingonberry sauce. Diet coke because, hahaha, like that'll make a difference. Washed it all down with a slice of lemon cake and half an ice cream cone that one of the girls didn't want. Walked around IKEA and did some shopping after lunch. Dinner was chicken noodle soup and a big cup of green tea with fake cane sugar. Snacks included a handful of strawberries from the garden, a hollow Easter egg and a snack box of cherry and Apple juice, frozen of course.

Exercise included swimming laps for about 20-30 minutes after lunch. I lost track because of all the other fucking people there who don't realize that the lanes are for people who are actually trying to swim. Then played with the girls, running from one water slide to the next, to the kiddie pools to the little figure 8 winding river.

Like I mentioned earlier, since I'd gone way over on my intake by this point, I was in total Fukkit mode from having seen all the skinner women in bikinis at the pool, etc. and was already starting on a binge (hence the Easter egg) when I came down from putting the girls to bed to find the hubs working out. Triggered, I HAD to work out too (which is a new sensation for me) so I got on the bike at 10 p.m. and rode until about 11:45.

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