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Eternal Diet 2.0 update - Days 29 through 34

Posted by BigMamaBE , 21 September 2014 · 434 views

Eternal Diet accountability
Day 29 (September 15): 900 = 738
Weight (morning September 16): 64.8
Fat %: 29.5
Water %: 48.4
Muscle %: 34.3

Day 30 (September 16): 950 = 878
Weight (morning September 17): 64.6
Fat %: 29.5
Water %: 48.4
Muscle %: 34.3

Day 31 (September 17): 800 = 713
Weight (morning September 18): 64.1
Fat %: 28.8
Water %: 48.9
Muscle %: 34.7

Day 32 (September 18): 600 = 575
Weight (morning September 19): 64.4
Fat %: 29
Water %: 48.8
Muscle %: 34.6

Day 33 (September 19): 400 = 397
Weight (morning September 20): 64.3
Fat %: 28.8
Water %: 48.9
Muscle %: 34.7
5"5'/167.64 cm
Waist in cm: 94.5 cm (start), 84.5 cm
Hips in cm: 110 cm (start), 96.5 cm
Bicep in cm: 29.5 cm (start), 29 cm
Left Thigh in cm: 58 cm (start), 52 cm
Baby belly flab: 101.5 cm (start), 92 cm

Day 34 (September 20): 200 = 176
Weight (morning September 21): 63.9
Fat %: 28.4
Water %: 49.2
Muscle %: 34.9

Got control back in my hands after the binges earlier this month. I think some I them were definitely stress-related. But a lot of things have changed I the past few days. I've been made head of my department (again) because it wasn't working out with the woman who stole it from me in the first place. She was getting over stressed, tired, irritable and snapping at everyone. She cusses at her computer a LOT and gets easily frustrated when something doesn't work right, usually due to operator error....

I've also started jogging as well and I'm feeling really accomplished since it's only been about a week and a half and I'm already jogging slowly but steadily, non-stop for an hour. I usually go about 4.5 miles in that time. Had to laugh the other day bc my welfare neighbors were standing out in the junkyard that is their front "yard" (it's actually just a glorified driveway and sidewalk) and the mom is like (in French), "You tired?" because they'd seen me run by about 10 minutes before that, but I'd hit my hour at that point so I turned around to head home and do my cool down walk. I told her that I was a little tired, but that it was getting easier and then started doing my stretches. She's all laughing with her son, who is probably in his early 20s now and fairly overweight because all they eat at their house is chips, candy and Coke (their recycling is usually FULL of coke cans), and his friends and then she asks me how long and far I went. When I told her 7.2 km in one hour, that shut her up pretty quick, lmao! I usually run in the evenings, once the girls are in bed, so I've been able to get some beautiful pics I the sunsets. There's something about dusk that's just so beautiful and peaceful. I'm also doing some Neila Rey workouts, mostly her 5-minute plank routine and the Batman [Bane edition] workout, with a few short, group workouts squeezed in at work. Apparently, I've "inspired" others to eat healthily (LMFAO) and get more exercise to get "healthy". If they only knew!!!

I'm also thinking about going to the doctor's to get some tests run. It's been about 5 years since I had tests run on all the hereditary and (supposedly) non-hereditary diseases that run in my family. Several of my friends think that, despite my binges, I should be seeing more weight loss, but that since I'm not, and haven't been for quite some time, that it could have something to do with my thyroid. Looks like October is going to be the month of doctors appointments: dentist, dermatologist, gyno, and GP.

I got seriously triggered at work because a colleague of mine has been on a diet made up for her by her dietician since she was pretty overweight and feeling the ill effects of it. I was actually the one who suggested she go see the dietician after my own experience several years ago. So she tells me last week that she's got like a kilo and a half before she hits the 10 kilos lost mark (she's been doing her diet since about March or April of this year, I think). I've lost about 15.3 kilos total, with most of that this year, but now I'm desperate to lose more and quickly because I can't have her losing more than me faster than me. So I'm doing my damnedest to stick to my limits and get in as much exercise as I can.

Until next time!

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