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haters gonna hate abusers gonna abuse LMAO

Posted by baby scars ♡ , 08 May 2021 · 67 views

why'd my mom say "i may not protect you from what you want me to protect you from, but i'll protect you from what i think you need protecting from." 
so you won't protect me from any actual abuse i've been through or even acknowledge it despite me bringing it up all the time, but you'll get on my ass for wanting facial piercings or weari...


hi fear, bye fear, here hear, etc...

Posted by baby scars ♡ , 30 December 2020 · 86 views

?  who would ever want to go into the new year as a failure? who wants to be the same person 365 days later? that's so scary...but not? it's the fear of change/fomo/fear that keeps me so stuck(?)...soo many questions that could only be answered in a mid-year round up, but the new year hasn't even started yet. that's peak capricorn puss...


[i am forcibly removed from a daydream]

Posted by baby scars ♡ , 28 October 2020 · 95 views

idk, maybe i'm delirious bc my head hurts but,,idk lol  i never understood those people that could forgive someone they loved no matter what until i was that person. maybe it's just me but i don't think people understand that when you defend that person you're not loving them, and you really couldn't hate them more than in that moment. it's just that...


[i am forcibly removed from happiness]

Posted by baby scars ♡ , 06 September 2020 · 74 views

i don't eat the things i want to eat
i don't say the thing i want to say
i don't talk to who i want to talk to
i don't feel the things i want to feel..  what the fuck am i even doing lol  thinking all of this doesn't make me want to recover, it makes me want to starve harder...bc like duh  i'm going for a walk


[i am forcibly removed from the beauty standards]

Posted by baby scars ♡ , 25 August 2020 · 127 views

why does feeling ugly and knowing that you're ugly feel so...bad lol  
it's that i feel ugly because i don't meet my own standards, but also know i'm ugly because i've been called it multiple times  
or like, i feel fat bc i am not at a weight i subjectively want to be at, but know i'm fat because i've seen plenty of people much skinnier than...


[i am forcibly removed from the agoraphobia]

Posted by baby scars ♡ , 09 August 2020 · 121 views

whyyy did i get hired
i don't want to be seen i hate being outside i hate looking at myself
i hate being looked at  i used to love august--january i'm literally a borderline retired emo kid so obviously
but like. shit happens and it ruins the world for you
so suddenly the earth is shifted
heaven is hell
and august makes me histrionic  i im...


[i am forcibly removed from the bulimia]

Posted by baby scars ♡ , 30 July 2020 · 161 views

soooo guess who called the dentist and was told i have two cracked teeth
one is infected
and i have to get my wisdom teeth removed and is coping by eating chips and drinking root beer? honestly i haven't purged(vomiting) in like...months? since last year? and i only take laxatives bc my previous lax abuse has ruined my b/m's completely...


me vs my anger issues who wins

Posted by baby scars ♡ , 24 July 2020 · 99 views

my anger issues duh i'm so mad i'm trying to not grind my teeth but ya know :)
i overate and now it's just sent my anger and ocd completely haywire like everything is pissing me off and i can't stop doing random ass comfort tics but they're not helping and i honestly just want to go to sleep as that's what i usually do when i'm tired of using my br...


when yr crush + his new gf are both skinnier than you :)

Posted by baby scars ♡ , 19 May 2020 · 107 views

ahaha don't mind me just the guy i liked(and who i know #confirmed from him wanted to d*te) posts pics on his insta story of his girlfriend and she's skinny and tall and dainty and also he's skinnier than you and you realize you may be skinny to the average person where you live or in your community but in the wide spectrum of things you are in fact an ov...


body checks n lady bird n stuff

Posted by baby scars ♡ , 18 April 2019 · 135 views

had lots of fun today and lots of moods today which is probably why i finally remembered to UPDATE today lady bird made me cry bc i got waitlisted too and i'm :')) me n my friend jokingly talked about getting tattoos together which is fun but i also kinda wanna do it but i feel weird asking lmao he only said it bc i back out so much uhhhh i bought blank c...

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