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haters gonna hate abusers gonna abuse LMAO

Posted by baby scars ♡ , 08 May 2021 · 76 views

why'd my mom say "i may not protect you from what you want me to protect you from, but i'll protect you from what i think you need protecting from."




so you won't protect me from any actual abuse i've been through or even acknowledge it despite me bringing it up all the time, but you'll get on my ass for wanting facial piercings or wearing shorts....?????


this bitch doesn't even know i've had substance abuse problems since i was 14/15 and i'm 21 now. she doesn't know about any of my ptsd. she doesn't acknowledge any of my pre-existing disorders. but she has time to call out me drinking a fucking. monster energy or some dumb shit LOL


you guys. don't let abusers dictate your life and what you do with your body. psa to myself to not let the person who doesn't know shit about me to tell me what to do with myself everrrrrr again lol it's never that fucking deep with NO BODY. period



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