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Self loathing

Posted by mirandamme , 01 January 2016 · 126 views

Yesterday I was playing Cards Against Humanity with my family and my dad had laid down the self loathing card. He didn't what it meant so he asked. I told him that it means that you hate or despise yourself kind of how I feel about myself. Then my mom was acting all surprised that i hated myself. I didn't want to tell her that maybe I wouldn't hate myself so much if her and my dad give me reason after reason on why I should hate myself. I hate myself because you tell me I am worthless, selfish, lazy leech. You constantly remind me everyday on why I should hate myself. If I cry when you tell me these things then you yell at me because I have it to easily. I have been struggling everyday with my own demons and it doesn't help when you tell them they are right because all I am is a privileged white girl who doesn't know the meaning of struggle. Sometimes I think maybe I should just go through with it that way I wouldn't be wasting anyones time and money.


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