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Inevitable phate of my death

Posted by mirandamme , 03 January 2016 · 165 views

I'm done. I'm done with this family. I'm done with being a constant burden on everyone. I'm done with it all. The only time I am at peace is when I sleep. It might be time for me to sleep forever now. No one wants to deal with me. My best friend doesn't want to talk to me, she has already moved on to better people in her life. All I am doing is holding everyone back that is in my life. I don't like living. The only fear I have now is that I will wake up because that is the only thing I don't want to happen. Apparently what I feel is just a pity party for myself according to my parents. I finally told my my mom I wanted to kill myself and that is what she told me. Now instead of getting support I am grounded and now need to get over my anxiety in less than 24 hrs because I have to go and walk to find a job in a city that I am not at all familiar with. why even bother with me here, I need to go away



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