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Over Emotional or Over Dramatic

Posted by mirandamme , 06 December 2019 · 31 views

Lately everything is going downhill. I’m doing everything right, aren’t I? I’m building my credit score, I’m saving money, I got myself a new doctor and health insurance, I’m taking vitamins. I just feel like everything I do is not good enough. I’m crying over stupid shit that doesn’t matter. I feel like punching someone as soon as they start to annoy me which is not hard to do. It’s hard to wake up, show up to work, act like I give shit when I could care less. Everyone thinks I’m lazy or doing just the bare minimum to get by and that makes me want to cry. Everyday I drive home and I start thinking about stuff that happened throughout the day and I can’t help but cry. No one knows I’m bad again, you have to keep it to yourself because you’ll have to hear how I have no reason to be like this. I don’t have kids to take care of so I don’t have any real problems. I’m tired of being walked on, treated like shit, like I don’t do anything, like I just sit and do nothing all day.

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