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Actual reaction pic of me when I eat generously all summer and...

Posted by slenderjanuary , 04 September 2016 · 314 views

...finally get a good look at myself after all of this disgusting, self-indulgent nonsense.  
I've gained almost 20 pounds this summer. I can't stand to look at myself in the mirror or in pictures. I can't stand anybody looking at me. 
I can't stand living.


My life is lowkey falling apart lmao

Posted by slenderjanuary , 21 April 2016 · 371 views
work, school, illness, weight and 3 more...
I just got suspended for the second time from my job because I keep having cash discrepancies on the register. I can't fucking count money for some reason...?
I am falling behind in school. I haven't turned in assignments lately because I just can't focus, and if I have turned them in, I do not get good grades. Luckily I'm on spring break now, so I can r...



Posted by slenderjanuary , 17 April 2016 · 261 views

I got down to ~121 early this month, and am now at 125 again :( I am thinking of doing a liquid fast tomorrow - not strict, I'll have diet soda, gum, etc. - but I seriously need a day to kickstart me to get back on the right track.


Disordered thoughts of the day.

Posted by slenderjanuary , 30 March 2016 · 282 views
anorexia, bulimia, body image and 3 more...
1. I hate that I needed to have a "cheat" day on my diet today because of school. I had to pull an all-nighter to write midterm papers and obviously, I needed the energy... it was just a few snacks (granola bars, nuts, etc.) throughout the day, but still, I was doing so well. :( 
2. I posted some pictures of me from Easter on Facebook, and I almost w...



Posted by slenderjanuary , 27 March 2016 · 292 views

Um... not sure what to say. I definitely need this blog, though, because I have come to the point where telling irl people anything is dangerous. 
All I can say right now is that I have been binge-drinking tonight; half of it was my dad's beer, which he probably noticed me taking (or will notice). 
I was 125.0 a couple of days ago, but drank the...

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