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The Fasting Game (In the Fasting Section of MPA)

Posted by seasnake , 27 October 2017 · 1437 views

The rules will be about the same as they used to be when I was on MPA regularly. You get a point for every complete day that you fast, and are not allowed to eat two days in a row without losing all of your fasting points. How much and what you eat on your food days is up to you. Exclusions for fasting includes water, tea, coffee, medications and anything you need to take with medications, and vitamin/herbal vitamins/supplements. For those who are children and are forced to consume a small amount of food every day due to parents you may a lot yourself a small calorie amount which you can consider fasting as not everyone has the luxury of not being watched. I don't keep track of hours fasting, and count days in terms of waking up periods from one day to the next day. Its okay to chat about everyone's progress and to write about fasting in general as a friendly environment is always nice in this thread. You may start at 0 points, or give yourself credit for your current fast.


Everyone is invited to join at any time. Please using the following headings on your daily fasting log.
Days since inception/restart: Current Fasting Period Points: Longest Point Streak: Total Fasting Points:
Weight lost current session (units): Most lost during a session: Points of that session: Total Weight lost:
Average Exercise During Current Session:


Notes: (units) = kg, lbs., etc. ... just fill in the abbreviation that you are personally using, the second line is option (some don't weigh)
Average Exercise During Current Session: should include avg. daily length of time during a session, and types/amounts (optional line)


Pictures are allowed, but are optional. Your posts should allow everyone to go back and read their own logs and see their own progress.
Its nice to not have to go through this type of thing alone. The Fasting Game keeps up my incentive and resolve through the point system.
I created a blog so that I can blog my daily updates into it for easier personal referencing.


In my opinion its a good idea to exercise while fasting, but to stay away from weights as you want to increase your flexibility, agility, endurance, figure, skin tightness, and strength while fasting but you don't want to tear down your muscles a lot or cause them to bulk up and ripple. As such stretches, jumping jacks, side twists, rowing (if you have a rowing machine), walking (walking machines), jogging, running, biking, swimming, and the like is the way to go. Just start slow and keep doing more every day, and trying to increase your intensity levels while doing so.


The more one gets into shape the easier it becomes to fast. When exercising while fasting you help your body tear down its built up food stores turning them into energy and you allow your body to become more efficient in its use of its nutrition and foods. I find that exercising instead of eating a meal actually takes my hunger away. I run into more problems when I don't exercise while fasting than when I do exercise. If you are trying to lose weight it really pays to be in great shape by the time you reach your ultimate goal rate rather than having to switch over and take forever to get in top fitness. It takes roughly three months to get into top aerobic (cardiovascular) fitness shape.


Caution: If you feel feint while fasting you should avoid taking a shower until you eat again. Showers can be a dangerous place during longer fasts.


In terms of exercise, I like to stand in place and stretch, do sets of 200 jumping jacks at a time as well as jumping side twists (while facing forward, typically watching television, jump turn my feet to one side then jump turn them to the other for a set number of times), jump hops (while standing remaining fairly still jumping slightly forward then slightly backwards a set number of times), over the back hand grab stretching (placing one arm behind the back and hooking upwards grasp hands while bending the other arm over the shoulder holding for around five seconds on each side, might be hard or impossible to do at first but doesn't take many days until you can easily do it just by making an attempt or two per day), toe touches (standing with legs still bending over to touch toes then standing back and repeating for a set number of times, standing leg swings (stand on one leg and swing the other slowly in front then behind and repeat a set number of times then switch sides, can also do these by standing on one leg and in front of you move them side to side a set number of times), high walking in place (basically moving your legs back and forth under you while standing fairly fast while going up in the air, alternatively you can do sides by moving one foot a bit in front of the other foot and then swinging it behind it as you move fairly fast a set number of times then change to the other side), side twists (either placing your arms upon your waist or holding them straight out to your sides simply slowly turn one direction then the other for a set number of time as you relax a bit), arm twists (standing in place with arms out rotate them forward then back to position a number of times, then rotate them backwards and back to position a number of times), arm swirls (stand with arms out an make little circles at first and slowly make larger ones and then slowly return to smaller ones, you can do this both forwards and backwards a set number of times), arm curls (clinch your fists and curl your arms forwards and backwards a number of times, this can be done with the arms out to the side and also out in front of you), arm/leg turns (simply stand in place and concentrate on slowly turning your arms/legs one direction then back), toe hops (stand on your tippy toes and gently hop up and down for a set number of times), toe lifts (stand up, put your weight on the back of your foot and gently raise and lower your toes a set number of times this is great for stretching), heal lifts (stand up, put your weight on the front of your foot and gently raise and drop your heals a set number of times which is also great for stretching). The rule of thumb is any motion you can think of doing no matter how small it is will tone the muscles being used up rather nicely if enough reps are done in a row (typically one hundred or two hundred). The good thing about these exercises is that they are easy to do, shouldn't leave you sore and will definitely tone and strengthen your muscles without building muscle mass as you don't tear down your muscles that much, so very quick recovery time.


My favorite exercise videos are the following (others may be found on youtube for free Ballet Beautiful is a wonderful series but as a guy I can't stretch like she does in her other videos, click once on the videos to watch them here, click twice to watch on youtube):




If you have videos you enjoy doing, go ahead and post them. To post youtube videos put the link in between the code of [vidio=youtube] link [/vidio] only don't use spaces and spell vidio correctly as video. Can post videos other than exercise. The old thread is at: http://www.myproana....-to-join/page-1. The old thread is full of all types of great fasting information, and everyone got along really well. It ran for 115 pages and died after I left. Also, if anyone likes cats I maintain a Cat Earth Theory (the Earth is a cat) thread at https://lunaticoutpo...ead-792775.html.


Rules Changes / Modifications:


11/08/2017 Juice Day Modification ... a juice day can be added before a food day and still count as being a fasting day point wise as it should serve to curve the desire to over eat upon food days and I believe should increase overall health and overall metabolic rates, and it just sounds like a good idea. I've been wanting to try this for awhile now, and currently believe it may be a good way to live.

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