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From: The Fasting Game (Fasting Log) -- Everyone is Welcome to Join at any Time

Posted by seasnake , 06 August 2020 · 422 views


Better Note Keeping: I'll now be notating which video routine that I've completed upon the day, as well as any feedback notes of the day that I had upon it.
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At this date I began going through all of my cardio video routines a second time over, of which I'll be doing a three days cardio, three days stretching sequence.


Days since inception: 1016 Current Fasting Period Points: 2 Longest Point Streak: 6 Total Food Days: 271 Total Fasting Points: 745
Average Exercise During Current Session: exercise time keeps being erratic, I got in a good five hours, or slightly more, of exercise yesterday


First Recorded Weight (lbs.): 163.5 Total Days since Recording Weight: 986 Current Weight (lbs.): 128.4 Total Weight lost (lbs.): 35.1
Weight lost during current session (lbs.): -0.4 Most weight lost during a session (lbs.): 5.1 Points of that session: 3 Current BMI: 17.9


Maintaining weight through a set minimum weight of 130.0 lbs., under 130.0 lbs. during my daily weigh time shall turn the next day into a food day.
When it requires more than three fasting days to drop my weight under the set maintenance weight, I will fast an extra day to reduce the weight drift.
Favorite beverage: A bottle of water with fruit punch flavored zipfizz, a teaspoon of creatine and greens powder, lemon juice, local honey, and nutmeg.


Thoughts on maintenance weight: Seems like I have a goldilocks zone that pivots around 131.0 to 131.5 lbs. as a set maintenance weight. When my weight goes over my muscles buff up with the most noticeable gains being in my chest, upper arms, and hips while maintaining a nice waist. When i drop under my mid-section drops weight the fastest but although I continue to have a good figure my chest pays the price as my ribcage pokes through. Ideal goldilocks zone = BMI 18.2 last fasting day, 18.8 food day. Since I've dropped my set maintenance weight to 130.0 lbs., I'll have to wait to see what happens.


Link to my fasting log spreadsheet: Feel free to duplicate/copy it to log your own stats. It compares periods
I've created a fun and easy to do at home youtube exercise video thread in the exercise section of lop at: https://www.myproana...rkout-routines/.


This morning's stats came in at a height of 5'11", weight of 128.4 lbs., 9.0 lbs. body fat at 7.0%, 68.1% water mass, 7.1% bone mass, 22.5" waist circumference and 24.5" abdominal circumference with a normal 2" separation between the two mid-section circumference measurement. Once more I put in two and a half hours, and more, of work out time in the evening. In addition I got in around two hours of youtube video exercises. From now on, as long as I'm doing exercise videos, I'll claim a daily average of five hours of daily exercise per session on my spreadsheet given all the added little exercises and stretches for hip mobility and leg extensions.


Today's Videos Session https://www.myproana...rkout-routines/: Short Intervals Beginners Routine... Workout Routine #1
Video Session Notes: Short interval exercises that were extremely uncomfortable and a bit painful after doing stretching and ball exercise videos for weeks in a row.


The day started off bad, as not only was I exhausted but was also sore and was met with an after Fasting Day 2 weigh in of 128.4 lbs. which meant that I had no choice but to take the day as an unscheduled food day which really bothered me as I didn't want to eat today and had really thought the day after would be the food day. As such, I basically had pizza toppings for breakfast, along with a protein powder ice cream milkshake. Later on I'd make another protein powder milkshake. I also had a bag of corn nuts, a cookie, some small candies, and a couple oat bars. I also went to some stores, so I also had two small pieces of cheese cake, and some stuffed clam shells which I didn't care much for but ate anyways. All that sounds like a lot. I did have some reflux when doing my exercising. I really didn't want to exercise as I was extremely tired and more than a bit sore. I did a cardio video routine and that really hurt, until close to the end. I didn't have time to rest after, cause I still wanted to get in my regular 2.5 hour workout routine, which also hurt. I still have some hip tilt correction exercises that I want to get in before I sleep.


Few raccoons showed so far tonight. The only dishes that went empty after first feeding were the almond oat bar dishes. Lots of food is out there now as I got rid of the apple pie that I had been feeding as it was starting to get tiny bits of mold on it (I cut those specs off and tossed them). I also refilled all the almond oat bar dishes. The raccoons showed up really late last night, and I didn't want to try and wait for them again tonight. There was however a possum. Last I saw the possum was at an apple pie dish. Possums like apple pie and cut up hot dogs the most. The hot dog dish was still full from first feeding.


Source: The Fasting Game (Fasting Log) -- Everyone is Welcome to Join at any Time

Hey seasnake. Haven’t seen you around in awhile. Good to know your still alive.
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Aug 06 2020 07:54 AM
Just to have your body fat percentage would be a dream . Hugs
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Hey seasnake. Haven’t seen you around in awhile. Good to know your still alive.


I'm on mpa every day, and make a daily journal entry in my The Fasting Game thread in the Fasting and Cleansing section of mpa. I mainly hangout in the exercise section, fasting section, and anorexia section.