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From: The Fasting Game (Fasting Log) -- Everyone is Welcome to Join at any Time

Posted by seasnake , 28 April 2021 · 92 views

Days since inception: 1281 Current Fasting Period Points: 3 Longest Point Streak: 7 Total Food Days: 330 Total Fasting Points: 951

Average Exercise During Current Session: exercise time keeps being erratic, I got in around two hours of exercise yesterday

First Recorded Weight (lbs.): 163.5 Total Days since Recording Weight: 1251 Current Weight (lbs.): 132.6 Total Weight lost (lbs.): 30.9

Weight lost during current session (lbs.): 0.2 Most weight lost during a session (lbs.): 5.1 Points of that session: 3 Current BMI: 18.5

Maintaining weight through a set minimum weight of 130.0 lbs., under 130.0 lbs. during my daily weigh time shall turn the next day into a food day.

When it requires more than three fasting days to drop my weight under the set maintenance weight, I will adjust what I eat to reduce the weight drift.

Likewise, I shall adjust what I eat to avoid upwards weight drift whenever my Fasting Day 1 weigh in weight fails to be below is now normal 132.0 lbs..

Favorite beverage: A bottle of water with fruit punch flavored zipfizz, a teaspoon of creatine and greens powder, lemon juice, local honey, and nutmeg.

Zipfizz is an energy powder that is high in electrolytes and vitamins, creatine powder helps muscles tear down at a slower rate while retaining higher muscle hydration, greens powder is nutritional, lemon juice and honey are known for both health and weight loss, nutmeg, cinnamon, and turmeric are excellent herbs reputed to assist flexibility. Sage is good for memory and mental health. Avoiding hot spicy herbs is wise as they can irritate the bladder making urination painful.

Thoughts on maintenance weight: Seems like I have a goldilocks zone that pivots around 131.0 to 131.5 lbs. as a set maintenance weight. When my weight goes over my muscles buff up with the most noticeable gains being in my chest, upper arms, and hips while maintaining a nice waist. When i drop under my mid-section drops weight the fastest but although I continue to have a good figure my chest pays the price as my ribcage pokes through. Ideal goldilocks zone = BMI 18.2 last fasting day, 18.8 food day. Since I've dropped my set maintenance weight to 130.0 lbs., I'll have to wait to see what happens.

Link to my fasting log spreadsheet: Feel free to duplicate/copy it to log your own stats. It compares periods

I've created a fun and easy to do at home youtube exercise video thread in the exercise section of mpa at: https://www.myproana...rkout-routines/.

Morning stats came in at a height of 5'11", weight of 132.6 lbs., 11.7 lbs. body fat at 8.8%, 66.8% water mass, 7.1% bone mass, 24.25" natural waist circumference (narrowest point between ribs and belly button) and 26.25" abdominal circumference (narrowest point between belly button and hips) with a normal 2" separation between the two mid-section circumference measurements.

Once again I couldn't sleep and decided to take an earlier than intended food day in an attempt to feel better. I have been struggling to be able to lie down comfortably in bed and that discomfort seems to give me a dry throat that causes me to cough a bit, but the coughing doesn't last long after leaving bed. Food wise I had fiber oat cereal for breakfast, red licorice, dates, steamed cross cut pork ribs, lots of different types of steamed vegetables, gummy candy, oriental noodles, pistachio nuts, corn nuts, and I'm pretty sure some other things that I can't remember. The little I had at breakfast before eating other stuff pretty much put my mind into a daze practically the entire day long and it was like I had been shot with tranquilizer darts. My digestive system doesn't handle food well anymore. I got in a bit over an hour of exercise on the evening, but really didn't feel like doing more.

Raccoons and possums seemed to be around in only small numbers tonight with solo travelers being the ones I saw the most. One of the raccoons looked like it was hobbling around after hurting a back leg. Raccoons become injured often enough and most of their injuries are only temporary. A possum was up one of the patio trees, which I noticed since it made a bit of noise that drew my attention to it and I wondered if that noise was intentional or not, either way I cut up and set out another hotdog so that it could eat well. A little while later I did see that possum eating the sliced up hotdog.


Source: The Fasting Game (Fasting Log) -- Everyone is Welcome to Join at any Time

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