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Fatigue hits hard

Posted by Elfin , 18 January 2022 · 50 views

69.9 kg, same as yesterday. Clearly been eating too much. 
Less pain than yesterday but the fatigue is hitting hard. Never went for a walk, took a nap and only woke up because I don’t want to risk not sleeping tonight. Focusing on staying low today because tomorrow is kebab day. Also supposed to get bloods done but might have to reschedule as there’s...


So much pain

Posted by Elfin , 17 January 2022 · 34 views

69.9 kg not great but better than yesterday. That sandwich did nothing to help me reduce symptoms from my booster shot. Barely slept all night, screaming headache, body aches, plus my arm is killing me. Naturally this all has to happen on the busiest Tuesday in ages. Was already worried how I’d get everything done and now I can barely move because everyth...


Overfull from one sandwich and feeling guilty

Posted by Elfin , 16 January 2022 · 54 views

70.3 kg today. Not great but I know yesterday’s gardening will be a major factor of that so I’m dealing ok about that. Not dealing so well with how full I feel right now. I made myself a sandwich I’d been craving for three days. It plus a drink of water has left me feeling overfull and like a fat sack of crap. I’ve input the sandwich and what I’m going to...


It’s funny

Posted by Elfin , 15 January 2022 · 42 views

69.9 kg today but not as bad as I thought after drinking and having a fat shit day. I honestly feared it was going to be worse.  
This morning I finally got the front lawn done and weeded a third of the garden bed. The green waste bin is so heavy I can barely wheel it and I was dripping sweat for almost the whole time I worked but I felt so accomplis...


Wanna drink, don’t wanna drink

Posted by Elfin , 14 January 2022 · 45 views

69.4 kg today. Glad I’m on track. I made a deal to drink today if I got below 69.7 but I feel like I just barely scraped by. I want a drink but I don’t want to be bloated the next day or two just to get a buzz. 
This week has been exhausting. With the babies home all week but the other two adults working I only got to go for my walk every second day...


Major setback

Posted by Elfin , 13 January 2022 · 47 views

70.4 kg today, bleh! I know it’s my own fault. I ate like garbage yesterday and God only knows how many calories worth of hollandaise I ate by the end of the day! The weird thing is that my wrists haven’t swollen as much as they have in the past when I’m retaining water. Could I have lost enough weight that I can still touch pinky to thumb even when retai...


So tired and it’s only 2:50 pm

Posted by Elfin , 12 January 2022 · 38 views

69.1 kg today. Still making progress which is good. Got the groceries done and ate a kebab but not from my usual place. It wasn’t as good but it was enough to fight the craving I guess.  
Last night I made a deal that I’d drink baileys today if my weight still went down even after the kfc for dinner. Last night kind of sucked because I was fasting al...


Looks like it was electrolytes

Posted by Elfin , 11 January 2022 · 56 views

69.4 kg today. Looks like my problem was skipping electrolytes. Also, taking a second one might have been why last night’s dinner didn’t cause retention or maybe it was lower in salt than I thought. I was really proud of my omelettes last night. I’ve never managed to get them to fold right but last night I got it right three times in a row! 
(Also tu...


Let’s see if this sticks

Posted by Elfin , 10 January 2022 · 62 views

70.1 kg today. Not sure I should get my hopes up though. If I don’t get out of this plateau soon I’m going to lose my shit. 
I’m stressed enough this week having to keep the babies home from childcare because one was a high risk contact. I don’t need my weight messing with my mental health too. 
The kids are all going stir crazy and there’s noth...


Stuck at the same weight

Posted by Elfin , 09 January 2022 · 55 views

70.9 kg fucking again!! I actually looked at my stats last night and I’ve basically been stuck between 70.9 and 70.2 for nearly a month! I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. Everyone says that if you eat at a deficit you will still lose weight but I stick with a deficit of at least 800 and often closer to a deficit of 1200. This morning a making me nuts. I...

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