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Wanna drink, don’t wanna drink

Posted by Elfin , 14 January 2022 · 45 views

69.4 kg today. Glad I’m on track. I made a deal to drink today if I got below 69.7 but I feel like I just barely scraped by. I want a drink but I don’t want to be bloated the next day or two just to get a buzz.


This week has been exhausting. With the babies home all week but the other two adults working I only got to go for my walk every second day if I didn’t need to do a big grocery shop. I had no idea how much I’d been relying on those walks for my equilibrium until I wasn’t really getting them. Took all the kids to the park yesterday and got them sunburnt. I remembered to go back and get myself a sunshirt and a hat and didn’t once think to grab hats or sunscreen for any of them. Lovely big dose of Mum guilt for that!! In my defence, the older two rarely need sunscreen (and were barely pink) but the youngest hasn’t had much chance to determine if he burns like me or doesn’t like his dad. Turns out it’s more like me, poor kid!


Currently sitting in the testing drive through so the babies can go back to daycare next week. Been here half an hour so far but the ipad is holding out at least! I do wish car manufacturers would fix their air vents so they don’t blow hotter and hotter air as the engine warms up. If I wanted warm air through my vents, I’d turn on the damn heater! I don’t want to open the windows because I don’t trust people and I’m at a testing site and don’t want to sit in a mask for no reason. And my car doesn’t like idling with the air conditioning on. I wish I could afford a new or ex fleet car for once, and be able to afford regular maintenance instead of just praying it passes rego each year and that it doesn’t break down on me.


I think I’m going to end up having a high intake day today and that will break my rule of no more than one every three days unless I “save” my high intake days for the weekend which I haven’t done this week.


I’m so tired at the moment. The youngest has taken to wanting to get up for the day two or three times a night. But I’m somehow still the most tested of the family, or the least obviously tired. I dunno. My struggles are never as valid until I’m at snapping/blow up point. Whatever. Here’s hoping I get home with enough time to go for a walk

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