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The continuous change


Lazy day

Posted by buiscuits , 19 September 2020 · 95 views

No exercise today. Mediocre diet, too many carbs. Work, studied, netflix..Itchy ass poison oak rash ;[ B: 2 whole eggs, lentils, 1/4 avocado
S: Handful of figs/almonds(addicting AF)
L:Quinoa salad, slim jim, coke zero
S: Handful of figs/almonds
D:Garlic asparagus, mini meatbals, garlic spicy shrimp, lentils I need to do a fast next week. So hard...



Posted by buiscuits , 17 September 2020 · 40 views

I have a poison oak rash, it's fucking brutal. :blink: Food:
B: 1whole egg+2egg whites, red lentils, half avocado, coffee w/ creamer
L: Quinoa Salad, coke zero
S: 2 dried figs, slim jim, coke zero
D: White Fish, asparagus, red lentils
2L water Exercise:
1 hour bouldering Core + core :
3 rounds
1. V up to v sit - 6-8 reps
2. Bicycle to...


Calming the fear, distractions

Posted by buiscuits , 16 September 2020 · 30 views

Sometimes it's so hard to focus on studying (enter the diet obsession distraction). It can all be overwhelming; the road that lies ahead, the skillset to develop, passing the technical interview, landing a job, succeeding in the job. Life is so simple when you just exercise, cook, grocery shop, and click around on the internet. There's so much fear i...


Rock climbing and staying on track

Posted by buiscuits , 15 September 2020 · 37 views

The rock climbing gym opened back up, yaaay! 1.5hour session Killer abdominal HIIT afterwards
V-sit crunch 2 X 15
mountain climber toe taps 2 X 20
Russian twists 2 X 20
Leg raises 2 X 10
Same-side mountain climbers 2 X 20
In & outs 2 X 15
Pull-ups 1 X 5 Food:
1whole egg + 3egg whites + lentils + salsa
Zucchini noodle spaghetti w...


Ramping back up, workout logs

Posted by buiscuits , 14 September 2020 · 33 views

Need some motivation and distraction from my everyday routine, blogging sounds like just the thing!
Finally weighed myself today after a two week break from dieting. Eating sugar and shit.
Job searching for my first software engineer role, brutal process, so much studying involved.  5'4"
GW - 130lbs
8/25 - 149lbs
9/14 - 152lbs
 Today I at...


The Keto begins!

Posted by buiscuits , 26 February 2018 · 31 views

Now I am stable and feeling great. The semester has been going smoothly and I have a renewed vigor. I've been focusing on health this year and that includes mental. I've been committing to regular yoga and allowing myself plenty of relaxation. We can't go through life being hard on ourself every moment, every day. This is a journey to discover how to trul...


Vacation is over.

Posted by buiscuits , 10 January 2018 · 135 views

Got back from an awesome vacation in Las Vegas. Family, partying, sleeping, the works! So much alcohol was consumed, it's not even funny..I tried to keep food at a minimum, but not much luck. I was so scared to get on the scale, finally did it today.  I've been super depressed this week, I found out the class I didn't pass last semester is holding b...

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