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Omg I almost fucked up! ;-; this is me blabbing to calm down

Posted by ScarlettRosetta , 04 August 2020 · 34 views

I almost ate more over my cal limit!! god I'm struggling rn. I'm too fat rn though x.x I cant afford mistakes. I have to fix this as fast as possible!! this sucks.. eating a small amount of calories is such a teas >.< but it's the only way I can get through this. I know I wont be able to just starve myself all the time. "starve" mean fast. If I c...


My food for today.. this is all i've eaten and all i intend to eat

Posted by ScarlettRosetta , 01 August 2020 · 32 views

I had 10 veggie soup, and a sprouted roll and tiny bit of my moms salad without dressing but I forgot to take a pic of that. so far this is all I've had and all I intend to have. now I'm just gonna water the garden, feed the dogs, and then chill out watching tv or something. I ended up taking a bite of the roll right before i remember to take a pic of it...


supplements, consistency

Posted by ScarlettRosetta , 01 August 2020 · 17 views

I just took a supplement meant to help curb you intense appetite before a meal. I also took some pills mean to help with recovering after eating a very bad for you meal, and I took an iron supplement too. I didn't OD on anything dont worry, i went by serving sizes, I just hope all the pills dont make me puke. I haven't actually eaten food today.. well tec...


my day and random thoughts

Posted by ScarlettRosetta , 31 July 2020 · 28 views

So I think I did well enough today in terms of staying under 1000 calories. I loosely counted. I basically had one meal, and a protein shake. tons of caffeine to beat the fog and now it 9pm and I'm still wired. I'm sitting outside watching silence of the lambs and praying bugs don't start flocking towards my laptop.... I went on loser town and my guesstim...


Fasting game Feb 4

Posted by ScarlettRosetta , 04 February 2020 · 44 views

Days since inception: 2
Current Fasting Period Points: 1.5
Longest Point Streak: 1.5
Total Food Days: 1
Total Fasting Points: 0
Average Exercise During Current Session: none I’ll do some strength exercises in a bit though so it doesn’t remain as none First Recorded Weight (lbs.): 190
Total Days since Recording Weight: 2
Current Weight (lbs.): 188


fasting game.

Posted by ScarlettRosetta , 04 February 2020 · 54 views

Days since inception: 1
Current Fasting Period Points: .5?
Longest Point Streak: .5?
Total Food Days: 1.5
Total Fasting Points: .5
Average Exercise During Current Session: I walked about a mile. Yesterday First Recorded Weight (lbs.): 190
Total Days since Recording Weight: 1
Current Weight (lbs.): 190? I can’t check yet
Total Weight lost (lbs.): idk...


He has no idea

Posted by ScarlettRosetta , 03 February 2020 · 61 views

The reason I can eat so much food is because I keep throwing up in between snacks and you have no idea. You seem so shocked that I could eat so much.. I’m just gonna throw it up again


Getting my sexy body back *Fasting Game*

Posted by ScarlettRosetta , 02 February 2020 · 67 views

Days since inception: 0
Current Fasting Period Points: 0
Longest Point Streak: 0
Total Food Days: 1
Total Fasting Points: 0
Average Exercise During Current Session: I go to planet fitness a couple times a week with my friend and do treadmill(100cal) other cardio(100cal) the last cardio thing we go on(100cal) for a total of 300cal burned from cardio. Then...


Tomorrow im fasting again

Posted by ScarlettRosetta , 14 April 2019 · 59 views

I'm gonna fast all day sun (14th) coffee, and tea and water and maybe soup cubes will be my best friend. The soup cubes make me feel less like i N to eat because I like to lick them dry, or dissolve then in hot water. They make meh happy gn tho.


Im not sure what's wrong with me

Posted by ScarlettRosetta , 07 April 2019 · 52 views

I was fine one day and now I'm in a week's worth of pure chocolate cravingg... Most of my calories is chocolate. I'm thinking of buying dates. I just can't understand why I'm craving and I'm not sure if restricting is the way to go. Although all I want is to restrict. I might try the game again cuz this is bull shit I need my brain to figure shit out and...

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