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Big breakup and I haven't checked my weight

Posted by ThatFatBastard , 30 December 2019 · 244 views

I'm ready to die. Of course I'll be regretful and terrified when it happens, but i'm so sick of this. My ex bf blocked me and I'm just over everything. Got a cough from purging and i've expunged at least a fourth cup of blood from my nose today from purging every meal.
Last time I weighed I was dehydrated at at 140lbs, which means once I drink water I'll...


I'm losing this weight by Yule

Posted by ThatFatBastard , 13 November 2019 · 254 views

My goals this yuletide season are to refocus on my faith and to fast as much as possible.

CW: 152 lbs
Christmas GW: 135 lbs (unrealistic but fuck it, I want to look good in front of my family)

- Eat a fuckton of vegetables with various low-cal sauces
- Meditate/Invoke my deities every morning and night
- Snuggle my bf as much as hu...


Fasting Again, 36 Hours

Posted by ThatFatBastard , 13 November 2019 · 243 views

Still fat and ugly, getting terrible heartburn so I may have to include some tums so I can keep fasting. I keep telling myself that the longer I fast, the less hungry I get and the more used to emptiness I get. I've gone for seven days before, I can do it again. I just CANNOT allow myself to get to 150, or it's all over. If I reach 150 I'll want to die....


At a Disgusting 149lb

Posted by ThatFatBastard , 05 November 2019 · 248 views

I did manage to get to a wedding at 135lbs but then things started going to shit and now a few months later I'm 149, which is overweight for my height. Just had surgery so I can't purge either. But I'm trying to eat very slowly and limit my calories. It'll be easy because I'm with my parents and they're super healthy while I'm super fat.  
Anyway her...


It's been a while!

Posted by ThatFatBastard , 02 February 2019 · 301 views

It's been a while! I am now just 10lbs overweight, which is a big fucking accomplishment considering where I was. I'm also dizzy, exhausted, and my tongue feels like carpet *thumbs-up* 
To avoid binging, I've started to incorporate long fasts into my routine. I'm on hour 64 right now and might go till 72 or 120. Ending fasts typically leads towards a smaller binge for...


"Fuck," Part 2

Posted by ThatFatBastard , 03 November 2018 · 229 views

I rue the day I even remotely considered purging. I am FUCKED, folks. I can't stop. I'm about to eat more, too lmao. Because it's there and I'm hungry again but I've already binged and purged three times today but at the same time I really don't give a shit about anything. I just don't give a shit



Posted by ThatFatBastard , 28 October 2018 · 270 views

*sigh*...fuck. So uh...yeah. Had a falling out with a friend. Now I'm binging and purging twice a day. Awesome. I'm going to therapy tomorrow and I'm just going to spill it and work on rectifying the symptoms while I'm still alive. Surprisingly I haven't gained too too much weight. That will change if I keep b/ping, because I KNOW I never get enough out of my stomach an...


From: What weird ED thing did you do today?

Posted by ThatFatBastard , 12 October 2018 · 447 views

Source: What weird ED thing did you do today?


First Goal Weight Approaches

Posted by ThatFatBastard , 25 September 2018 · 244 views

First Goal Weight Approaches The closer I get to 90kg the slower the scale seems to drop. I'm eating less and less throughout the day just waiting for that amazing moment. Of course I have about 45 more kilos to go and I'm still a revolting glob of lard but, a goal is a goal. :D 
ONEDERLAND, HERE I COME! Don't fuck this up, you fat bastard, don't fuck this up. Drink that tea,...



Posted by ThatFatBastard , 19 September 2018 · 273 views

I gained a kilo? Not going to get upset about it. Nope. I am steeling my will. No way am I getting upset over a little fluctuation. :')  
OK, I'm done. Anyway, today is an exercise day. I'm gonna have a lara bar for lunch and go to the gym for a few hours, hopefully. Wish m...

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