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MPA is a site dedicated to the support or recovery of those suffering from eating disorders or body dysmorphic disorders. Please be sensitive to this fact when creating an account and contributing to the board.

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so my moms been chasing after this guy & im not even complaining cause now she’s leaving me alone lol

Posted by CICOpath , 17 September 2020 · 38 views

I actually HOPE they end up dating cause that’s why she’s always on me  
it’s kinda funny though  
I feel bad cause I KNOW he’s not interested in her at all like she’s literally cutting holes in her pants rn to look “sexy” cause she’s gonna go bring him food lmaoo 
Like I’ve been telling her since day 1 to leave him alone but she’s been lea...


i want a new job but I’m tired of dealing with people

Posted by CICOpath , 16 September 2020 · 57 views

preferably something behind a counter or where I wouldn’t have to be super close alsooo somewhere that doesn’t drug test cause i like weed 
but really though  
i get upset over the smallest things sometimes  
im thinking maybe at a local/small business or somewhere I’d be less likely to see people i know 
i don’t see myself being there...


i got tinder to cure my loneliness and i'm having so much fun omg

Posted by CICOpath , 15 September 2020 · 92 views

these people are funny
i rlly don't plan on meeting up w anyone nor am i interested in a one time thing but i'm lit rn i actually came up with the idea of downloading it solely to find more female friends but i started lurking the guys section & i already saw like 5 people i know lmao


hand wraps are gangster?

Posted by CICOpath , 12 September 2020 · 55 views

so i'm watching this on youtube right 

while i was in boxing we were always encouraged to come in with our hands already wrapped like that. so i was waiting at an intersection to cross the street & there was a cop car right in front of me & i'm LITERALLY standing there waiting but he peeps his...


i'm like 10000% convinced both of my parents are mentally ill but in extreme denial

Posted by CICOpath , 07 September 2020 · 67 views

& now i'm on a google tangent & looking at subreddits & i can relate to EVERYTHING  
i feel like i'm not here right now  
i just want to GO OUTSIDE i don't even know where i'd go anymore  
i avoid socializing with people sometimes because it's hard to talk to people without it becoming dramatic or something cause like i could be...


i wish there was some type of apprenticeship i could do for production

Posted by CICOpath , 06 September 2020 · 45 views

college is out the picture cause i'd DEFINITIVELY be paying out of pocket lmao but so, i've been involved in music for literally my entire life. i'm at a stage where I know all the basics & i can make some nice compositions, but it also feels kind of stagnant because I haven't really figured out how to incorporate new techniques into it. what i've bee...


self medicating for anxiety

Posted by CICOpath , 26 August 2020 · 71 views

so i got kratom a while back & i've only been using it like 2-3 times a week. the first time i tried it i didn't really notice a "high" or anything like that, just really awake for a bit & then it was the comedown where I really started to feel calm. i notice the awake feeling would wear off after like an hour. i literally composed a whole song i...


i get bored trying to learn piano by myself

Posted by CICOpath , 22 August 2020 · 64 views

i've always been able to play a little but i never actually knew what i was doing. if i'm learning a song i just learn it by ear without knowing the keys i'm playing. i can name the keys but not right away & not all of them either. i just know by sound & that's basically how i've kinda learned to play since i was a kid 
whenever i practice...


i keep seeing shit

Posted by CICOpath , 21 August 2020 · 55 views

i don't feel sad but i just feel, low right now & it's always when i'm in this state i start seeing shadows and stuff. i've been having a bunch of internal conflicts & i just haven't felt like myself since yesterday. i don't want to sleep cause i get nightmares pretty easily when i'm like this & it just makes it worse but i'm actually tired...


i want a smiley piercing

Posted by CICOpath , 20 August 2020 · 64 views

i want a few piercings but this one i'd probably do myself 
when i did my industrial back in march it no longer hurts but it's deadass still healing, well one side is for sure cause irritation. i'm gonna give it until my birthday next year to fully heal lmao 
i just wonder how bad it'd hurt 
i hate my smile cause my gap (it's rllly small th...

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