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MPA is a site dedicated to the support or recovery of those suffering from eating disorders or body dysmorphic disorders. Please be sensitive to this fact when creating an account and contributing to the board.

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these stomach pains are no joke rn

Posted by CICOpath , 21 June 2021 · 81 views

i'm gonna be honest i don't see myself as a true person with food problems because i really put a lot of effort into it. it's more of me telling my brain "i can't do this. i can't do that. i just can't" 
to be fair i've never had normal eating habits in general like growing up i was conditioned into just binge eating. but even back then i never saw m...


two jobs

Posted by CICOpath , 20 June 2021 · 52 views

i'm not even gonna lie i would still go back to that 
compared to now i'm making around the same actually, but i'm working way less this way  
but i was fucking DEAD like DEAD AS FUCK  
say i had to be at work at 4 am...rarely do i leave at 2pm so it'll be like 3..then i have my evening job at 5 and some nights i was staying past midnight t...


These guys be actually giving me good advice!

Posted by CICOpath , 20 June 2021 · 73 views

So I was talking to this guy about phone parts because I was trying to fix one of my old phones & it still didn’t work! He sat down & explained to me everything & he tipped me good!  
i had fun tonight


i met the sweeeetest guy ever

Posted by CICOpath , 19 June 2021 · 86 views

i should’ve gave him my instagram i give out my insta & i have a second phone number memorized  
he was like you’re the prettiest girl ive seen here asking all these good ass questions made it rain on me 
I should’ve stayed with him longer I liked him!!!!!!! 
come back LMFAO  
now im still trying to figure out how many calories I’m...


ny is the move

Posted by CICOpath , 18 June 2021 · 54 views

i feel really unhappy with that 400$ car insurance!  
i could just get a studio up there use my time down here to practice in the meantime…and work at a bigger spot up there and only have to pay for the bus and train pass 
like down here you really need a car everything’s all spaced out far asf  
for what im paying with gas and insurance it...


idk how that sf redbull kills my stomach pain but it do

Posted by CICOpath , 16 June 2021 · 75 views

i just wanna lay in bed all day 
i also wanna go to work  
it's fun 
i'm glad i went in but i could still be doing better tbh! 
my stomach was hurting all yesterday too 
and the day before 
yo so the only dairy products i consume are really just my greek yogurts & those usually don't give me problems...and it was recently...


she thinks i'm on drugs

Posted by CICOpath , 14 June 2021 · 54 views

lmfao i don't need drugs to do what i do i've been wanted to do this since foreveeeeeeeer 
i don't even like drinking the most i'll do is a shot of vodka & i'll already be dizzy asf 
i told her i'm like you can drug test me right now i don't have anything in my system  
i don't even smoke weed anymore like that i just got ti...


she's talking shit about me again

Posted by CICOpath , 13 June 2021 · 76 views

like what is your obsession with me man 
i'm literally bothering nobody 
leave me 
this is why i'm working 
she's mad because she's broke & to her i'm unemployed so she's not gonna bother asking me for money but i've been working at the strip club 
she thinks i've just been going out & hanging with ra...



Posted by CICOpath , 12 June 2021 · 65 views

so I got the job I wanted now how do I explain this to mom so I can be there every night lmfaooooo I already wanna go back!!!!!!!!! 
It was actually fun  I’m getting paid to workout! Maaaan I’ll keep this job!  
she thinks I’ve just been “going out” like no I’m WORKING lmao  
Like if she’s cool with it I will pay for more stu...


Lol the first thing I do at my test is hit a curb

Posted by CICOpath , 08 June 2021 · 49 views

But I passed!

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