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i want a new job but I’m tired of dealing with people

Posted by CICOpath , 16 September 2020 · 56 views

preferably something behind a counter or where I wouldn’t have to be super close alsooo somewhere that doesn’t drug test cause i like weed


but really though


i get upset over the smallest things sometimes


im thinking maybe at a local/small business or somewhere I’d be less likely to see people i know


i don’t see myself being there long term tho only for like 6 mos maybe & id work full time & take out like 3 credit cards & manage them cause i still don’t have credit.. (idek if I can get 3 at once w no history)


im also thinking about babysitting or something that’s more one-on-one but I’d rather have a stable job where I get paid at the same exact time


i could probably tutor too but only up to high school level lmao, especially with everybody homeschooling now I’m sure there is more demand for that...


my only issue would just be sleep cause I still have days where I go a couple nights on no sleep & adding a whole day of work on top of that is next level tired... but that’s why I consider working on my own hours too

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