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Diary.. #1 my plan (I hope it works)

Posted by Tita.s , 17 September 2020 · 21 views

It is midnight and as usually happens to me, it is always at night when I want to change my life and for some reason, the next day I forget or lose my will and strength. anyway I hope this time will be different. 
tomorrow I'm going to weigh myself and I'm scared ... I haven't done it for a long time and today I had several binges, vomiting and I alr...


does this have an ending?

Posted by Tita.s , 15 September 2020 · 28 views

you also wonder if this is ever going to have an end?
I really want to have a more "peaceful" life. stop thinking about food for at least 24 hours, stop purging one day!!
I tried many things and I can't. sometimes I wonder if I'm going to live like this all my life. for a couple of weeks I was trying to eat healthy, exercise every day, had a persona...


My sister is not eating

Posted by Tita.s , 11 October 2019 · 108 views

My sister has not been eating for a couple of days. She always had more body, I say "body" because she is not fat, but she has a lot of leg, she is taller,and her body structure is different from mine...bigger. I have mixed feelings with this matter. It makes me a little angry that she does it, because I want to be the skinniest, it makes me angry be...


I was inspired by the girl who ate hamburger

Posted by Tita.s , 30 September 2019 · 70 views

My boyfriend wanted to eat and we went to a mall. I thought I wouldn't have strength and I would end up eating everything ... but I saw a girl sitting next to us who ordered a giant hamburger with french fries and coke. I finally ordered a salad. and I don't know why looking at her overweight eating that hamburger made me very disgusted and I was happy wi...


180 calories today.

Posted by Tita.s , 17 September 2019 · 50 views

I don't have anything more to say..I just ate 180 calories today. I don't have a scale anymore and that is making me feel very insecure.
It was from my grandmother, and she gave it to someone else, because she wasn't using it... I was going to her house, and when she was in the kitchen I controlled my weight :(


364 calories now is too much.

Posted by Tita.s , 16 September 2019 · 53 views

I usually try to stay below 400 calories. but making the effort to be only 300. Today I ate a total of 364 calories and I feel like I'm going to explode .. it's like I'm getting used to an amount and then it seems a lot to me. but today as it was a little cold (or it is me who feels cold) I drank a lot of boiling tea. Black tea, chamomile, mint. Always wi...


360 cal. Starting again with 46 kg.

Posted by Tita.s , 15 September 2019 · 50 views

Today I started again after what happened the other day (in two previous entries) I am sincere and I have to tell you that my photos from the previous blog ... don't make me feel comfortable with myself. I would have to be skinnier, but I can't suffer the way I am now, I can only improve and stay strong.  I had a green apple for breakfast (the one I...


My pictures with 46 kg.

Posted by Tita.s , 15 September 2019 · 96 views

this is me today .. it's 11 in the morning here and although I'm close to the weight I felt comfortable in before 45 kg. today I don't like what I see with 46 kg. I think I'm going to lose 3 kilos more... so less.
I was afraid to show myself, because I don't feel comfortable with my body. But it's a way of putting pressure on me. I don't usually have foo...


Situations we hate.

Posted by Tita.s , 14 September 2019 · 50 views

Today did not go as I had thought. I had a meeting for work. not many people. We were only 4 people, in the house of one of them and there were things to eat. the guest bathroom was close and I didn't feel confident to go and throw what I ate. hours went by ... I ate what they gave me, for me it was a lot. and in the bathroom there was a scale .. I got a...


Day #4 I saw myself fatter

Posted by Tita.s , 13 September 2019 · 62 views

I spent all day with my boyfriend .. there was no news. I ate the same omelette that I made on day # 3, and although I ate less ... I looked fatter than ever. I couldn't even weigh myself ... the day after tomorrow I'll see how much weight.

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