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does this have an ending?

Posted by Tita.s , 15 September 2020 · 30 views

you also wonder if this is ever going to have an end?
I really want to have a more "peaceful" life. stop thinking about food for at least 24 hours, stop purging one day!!
I tried many things and I can't. sometimes I wonder if I'm going to live like this all my life.


for a couple of weeks I was trying to eat healthy, exercise every day, had a personal trainer, etc. But I couldn't handle the fact that I gained weight and gave it up.
I tried intermittent fasting, but it made me even more anxious to eat as much as possible at the allowed time and since I felt guilty afterwards, I threw it all up ... I feel like there is nothing to get me out of this.
in a month I'm going to live with my boyfriend and it scares me a lot to think about eating with him and not having privacy in the bathroom.


I really want to have a healthy life and be in shape, I want to live in peace.

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