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Posted by FragileDolly , 22 July 2021 · 73 views

I've honestly been getting more and more annoyed about this girl. i hate how she thinks shes better than everyone else. its so dumb. she even told me a year ago that she lies so people think shes better than them. im pretty sure shes the same with me because any time i say i struggle with something or make a comment, she immediately "oh BUT FOR MEEEEE ITS...



Posted by FragileDolly , 22 July 2021 · 72 views

ive already b/p today.
but here i am crying and binge eating mexican food at 10 pm. i hate this so much. why can't i stop?? i want to stop, but i feel like i fucking cant. im so tired of this. its too late to purge all of this as well as its quiet and everyones asleep. ughhhhh1!!!!



Posted by FragileDolly , 18 July 2021 · 37 views

sorry if the irl that this is about is weirdly reading my blog BUT,
I seriously cant believe that you think you're better than everyone else just believe you moved away, have a boyfriend and have an online business. doing all of that doesnt mean that you're better than anyone else. no one is better than others. grow up dude. the way you're thinking is th...



Posted by FragileDolly , 18 July 2021 · 36 views

why is that you have 30k followers on your shop and you shout your friends out and help them especially when they are struggling with money, but when i ask its a "no i wont follow your shop..." i thought friends supported each other? its kind of shitty that you wouldnt help a friend that has been there for you for years! i guess i can see the fakeness if...



Posted by FragileDolly , 13 July 2021 · 32 views

mini rant // question ig 
i have a friend that has a shop and we both sell the same things. I asked her if we can follow each other today, but she said that I could follow her, but she wouldn't follow me back. I got a bit... upset? It feels like my friend doesn't want to support me and seems to be making up things since she follows her friends on her...



Posted by FragileDolly , 05 July 2021 · 39 views

I hate how much people think they can just play with me. I hate it MORE when they get me angry and I defend myself; I am suddenly the bad guy. It is so fucking stupid. I hate how much they do not care about my feelings. It's like I am a robot to them.. I can't unfriend them either, I will be completely alone if I do.. This is awful. I also just feel like...



Posted by FragileDolly , 26 April 2021 · 68 views

I know I already have a thread for my accountability, but I keep forgetting to update it. I feel awkward uploading to it now ;-;
so i decided to make a blog specifically dedicated to my calories, food intake, and weight. this blog will include food pictures, so if youre not a fan... dont look ♥ The link is below if any of you are interested in following....



Posted by FragileDolly , 23 April 2021 · 60 views

Back in high school I was diagnosed with Bulimia and thrown into inpatient.
It has been a few years and I would like to say i have recovered from my bulimia...
there are days I want to purge, but i definitely keep my food in.
on that note, what ed do i have now??
i dont have a way to get to a mental health place anymore since i dont have insurance nor...



Posted by FragileDolly , 01 April 2021 · 47 views

yesterday was pretty crappy.
I found out my grandma had passed away three days ago!
There is more to the story, but I am too tired to talk about it.
Anyway, I just ended my 39 hour fast.
It makes me uncomfortable knowing it wasnt a 40 hour... I sadly miscalculated :|
breaking my fast with oatmeal today



Posted by FragileDolly , 12 March 2021 · 68 views

I hate myself so much.
I woke up in an awful mood.
I was greeted by my mistakes once I woke up.
I sadly got involved in some stupid drama in a community that I am in.
They stopped being friends and I have no idea what to do.
I love both of them dearly, but the things one person says makes me question the other.
Last night I spiraled and impulsively kick...

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