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Walking In A Winter Weight Loss Blog


I've never weighed so much in my life :(

Posted by Ruslana , 03 December 2020 · 229 views

To set the stage I lost 10.5 Kilos (23 lbs) last year on a weight loss challenge.... Well not only have I gained all the weight back, but an additional 2 kilos/ 5 lbs as well. I have never been this heavy in my life, all of my clothes are tight. What is extra frustrating is I have been working out almost every day so I feel like it has all been a waste. M...


New Plan to lose to try to 13 lbs (5.8 Kilos) by April 6th

Posted by Ruslana , 24 February 2020 · 161 views

Ok so its been awhile since I last made an entry. Not much has changed, I want to lose weight yet I keep giving into every craving same story. That why I am developing a solid plan that will give me guide lines to follow as compared to just sort of winging it. 
So I am currently in a weight loss challenge at work and I have lost 2.26% of my body weig...


Dropped 2.4 lbs for my company's weight loss challenge

Posted by Ruslana , 29 January 2020 · 269 views

Well it has been two weeks into the weight loss challenge and yeah I didn't do that great. I know in the subject header it says I lost 2.4 lbs, but it wasn't real weight it was just water weight. You see I started out at 144.6 lbs two weeks ago, I ate some salty/ greasy food the night before to increase my weight to give me an edge. The night before this...


My Plan to Win my Weight Loss Challenge At work, feedback welcomed!

Posted by Ruslana , 15 January 2020 · 153 views

So I entered the biggest loser challenge at work. I actually won this last year and won $800! The only thing is I am actually in the final interviewing process of another company so yeah... I might be gone by the time to contest is over lol. I think I will at least be here around another month as these things usually take a while so if I win just once I s...


Update on my 2020 goals, went down 3 lbs!

Posted by Ruslana , 07 January 2020 · 172 views

I was 142.2 this morning, I haven't seen that number since like September! Probably before my trip to Savannah when I went on eating spree. Its interesting because this tells me I probably didn't really gain weight, but was just eating water retaining food. As the only real difference between than and now is that I am not eating as much processed/ take ou...


My 2020 Weight Loss Strategy/Goals and 2019 Recep

Posted by Ruslana , 02 January 2020 · 179 views

I have been MIA for the past few weeks as I was on vacation and decided to take a break from MPA for the time as well. I know that sounds like a good idea, but I kind of wish I didn't. I really like the community on here and I feel like its a place for me to share my thoughts instead of just have them stewing in my head. I'm still around 145, which is so...


The Holidays have Arrived and so have the calories

Posted by Ruslana , 03 December 2019 · 196 views

Its that time of year again and man oh man I feel like every desert, pastry, bread and alcoholic beverage has been near me since last week. After two weeks of eating under 1,200 calories a day, all that progress is now gone. I guess I really haven't gained anything, I have been stuck at 144-141 for several months now. I can't seem to get below this number...

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