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Parayeet's Nonsensical Shitposting and Accountability



Posted by Parayeet , 10 August 2020 · 57 views

I always tell myself I'm going to update this more regularly,
but I never do. I'd like to say things were better.
Better than they are.
My mind is a shambolic mess.
A mine field. A lot has happened, yet time is going so slowly I feel like I'm stalling.
Hit a new lowest weight at the end of July.
43.9kg. A BMI of 13.86
It's hovering between that...


The Balancing Act (with body check)

Posted by Parayeet , 16 July 2020 · 81 views

It's been a while.
A lot has happened, yet I still feel somewhat stagnant.
I'm not gonna be a cryptic little shit today. Weight as of last Friday's GP visit is 45.7kg.
45.4kg on my scales at home, with the attached photos taken on that day.
I've not been that since. I'm going through an unbelievable shitty (ha) transition of stopping regular lax...


Supermarkets & Winter - Safety In Numbness (with a bullshit body check)

Posted by Parayeet , 09 June 2020 · 89 views

Plateau is finally broken. 46.4kg currently.
BMI 14.64
Layer upon layer of fat.
I look fucking obese.   Currently in the process of re-shaping my intake by means of both substance and time.
Lots of tweaking.
It's not right yet.
I'm disgusting.
A failure.
I need to lose more weight.
This is a non-negotiable.
The goalposts keep moving.
My own un...


Plateau. (Anorexic? What a Joke).

Posted by Parayeet , 30 May 2020 · 118 views

Let me start off with the sheer undeniable fact that I've obviously not been restricting hard enough.
I'm a fat fucking failure. My weight has barely shifted in two weeks.
This week my BMI is sitting at an average of 14.9.
For the third doctor's appointment in a row, my weight hasn't gone down. Yesterday, it went up by 100 grams.
I mean, I know I'm c...


Hospital, NG weight gain, discharge weight loss and regain of control

Posted by Parayeet , 16 May 2020 · 109 views

Okay so today I realised I haven't updated my accountability in literally over a month.
Poor form, especially since I engage in forum activity on MPA every day.
Most of the delay has stemmed from an inability to think properly, and also due to both my physical circumstance and being snowed under by university work.
Alas, I digress. Enough of the excuses....


Hit my what? (With body check)

Posted by Parayeet , 05 April 2020 · 146 views

On April 3rd, I hit my original UGW. 45kg has been my goal since I was diagnosed as a teenager.
I say 'original' ultimate goal weight, because about six months ago, I reset that number to 40kg because I knew at 45kg, I would still be huge.
I was stupid in thinking it was going to be enough.
45 seemed to be this perfect round number where in the Metri...


Immense guilt and not coping in the slightest; COVID-19 and its related impacts (ft. a new LW body check).

Posted by Parayeet , 19 March 2020 · 152 views

I can't articulate anything properly anymore.
That's why, dear blog, I haven't updated you in a number of days. But I need to hold myself accountable somehow.
I feel stupid and horrendously guilty for engaging in my ED and for even thinking this way during the current global crisis, and for still being so caught up in my weight, measurements and diet...



Posted by Parayeet , 09 March 2020 · 93 views

This week has been really lonely if I'm honest. I feel so isolated.
I just "celebrated" my 25th birthday. My mum made me a cake out of paper, knowing I wouldn't be able to handle a real one.
She's such a sweetheart, but I feel like I'm disappointing her because I'm not able to eat real cake.
The family disappointment. Great.
I spent most of that day...


Plateau broken...result? A new low and a fucking binge.

Posted by Parayeet , 02 March 2020 · 97 views

Monday, March 2. 11:53pm.
I should have updated this blog a couple of days ago, but I've been thoroughly exhausted.
As in staring at walls for hours exhausted, but not able to sleep. Funny that. HOWEVER Woke up this morning at 46.3kg.
Finally, the fucking plateau is broken. It was also my first day back at uni studying a brand new degree in...



Posted by Parayeet , 26 February 2020 · 96 views

7pm, Thursday. 47.5kg.
A plateau.
This number haunts me.
forty-seven point fucking five.
BMI 14.99.
Eugh. I'm feeling increasingly dizzy and a bit wobbly on my feet these past couple of days.
Holding onto door frames and fixed objects to steady myself.
It's because I'm too heavy, isn't it?
Today in the city I at times had trouble carrying my can...

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