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Parayeet's Nonsensical Shitposting and Accountability


Sunday (with body check photos)

Posted by Parayeet , 08 February 2020 · 198 views

Back down to 46.9kg this morning, however I really don't feel all that well.
Blood sugar this morning was 3.2 so as soon as I get home from this appointment, a glucose tablet is a must. However I don't even feel I deserve that. Took a body check photo last night and comparing it to my current BMI (14.8), I look so so much bigger than that. It's dishe...


The next day

Posted by Parayeet , 07 February 2020 · 101 views

11am on day 2: Forgot to mention - yesterday morning's weight was 49.5

This morning's weight: 48kg TMI - laxatives are in full effect which isn't a fun time (I don't know why I continue to put myself through the torture of stomach cramps by taking these..if only I could just fast like I'm supposed to, I wouldn't need to bloody take them)....


Breaking the cycle

Posted by Parayeet , 06 February 2020 · 165 views

Thought it was about time I started an accountability thread, especially due to the fact I can't stop binging and my weight loss feels like it's plateaued, especially in the past 7 days where it's been an uncontrollable shitshow, bouncing between 48 and 51kg. The past few weeks it's gone like this:
Restrict between 400-1400 for 3-4 days
Eat stupidly...

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