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Breaking the cycle

Posted by Parayeet , 06 February 2020 · 144 views

Thought it was about time I started an accountability thread, especially due to the fact I can't stop binging and my weight loss feels like it's plateaued, especially in the past 7 days where it's been an uncontrollable shitshow, bouncing between 48 and 51kg.


The past few weeks it's gone like this:
Restrict between 400-1400 for 3-4 days
Eat stupidly for 1
Fast and down a whole bunch of laxatives for 2 days in lead-up to being weighed by my doctor one day a week.
Cycle repeat.


Prior to a few weeks ago I was consistently restricting between 0 and 800 daily with no binging. I don't know what the hell happened. All I know is that I've lost control and I can't deal with plateauing.


Which brings us to this.
Hopefully reporting here will keep my intake in check and limit it to purely restricting.


Also to note - I'm having a heart procedure done next week and there's no way in hell I'm weighing in anywhere higher than 48 fully clothed when I get to the hospital.


Yesterday was stupid binge day, today is day 1 of fasting. The plan is to fast tomorrow and Sunday, eat something (probably a bowl of oats) Monday due to a netball game I need to play, restrict below 400 or fast Tuesday, fast both Wednesday and Thursday until the procedure on Friday which I have to fast for anyway. I need to lose this disgusting binge weight and fat hanging off of me.


Allowed: diet soft drinks, tea and water today (Friday), total fast tomorrow up until my doctor's appointment on Sunday, after which I can have diet fluids again amongst restricting or fasting up until the procedure.
Allowed: Occasional 5 calorie glucose tablet if my blood sugar drops below 3.5
Not allowed: weight gain or inadequate weight loss (must reach at least 47 kg)
Not allowed: fucking this up by not being in control and eating too much
Not allowed: ending up in hospital unplanned before this procedure.



Feb 07 2020 12:06 AM

I feel your pain, this used to be exactly what I used to do (maybe still), the whole binge/ restrict cycle.  Just know someone out there gets it. 

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I feel your pain, this used to be exactly what I used to do (maybe still), the whole binge/ restrict cycle.  Just know someone out there gets it. 

I really appreciate that. Thank you for your kindness and support xx

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