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The next day

Posted by Parayeet , 07 February 2020 · 92 views

11am on day 2:


Forgot to mention - yesterday morning's weight was 49.5

This morning's weight: 48kg


TMI - laxatives are in full effect which isn't a fun time (I don't know why I continue to put myself through the torture of stomach cramps by taking these..if only I could just fast like I'm supposed to, I wouldn't need to bloody take them).


Plans for today: total fast except for a sip of water for medication. 90 minute hot yoga class at 3 to sweat out all of this excess fluid I'm carrying in preparation for weigh day tomorrow. Hopefully go for an evening walk also.


Last night my heart problems were causing all kinds of havoc - between multiple trips to the bathroom due to you know what, every time got out of bed and stood up my heart rate went well above 140 and I felt like I was going to pass out. Not ideal. The sooner I get these cardiac issues fixed, the better.

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